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I just installed Roon on my Ipad AIR. Running on an Elac Discovery DS-S101-G Streamer. I got a test account about 1 week before I upgrade to HIFI quality (my Kii Three are in for repair for another week). Logged in from Switzerland.
Anyway, so far everything worked fine. I started to add tracks etc.
But then I searched for the Soundtrack “Big Little Lies”. I found only a few albums but NOT the real soundtracks where you see the 3 heads of the main actors. On on my PC Mozilla browser or also with the Tidal PC Programm I found the 2 different albums, one with 14 and another with 29 songs.
Weird here is that on the PC the 14 track album has many tracks that I can’t play?! (5 and 10-14)

Here the link:

On the big 29 album I can play all:

Now the problem with my Roon: both albums won’t be showing on Roon. I “tricked it” by adding the 29 album version to my Tidal favorites on the PC and then had it on my Roon Playlist. But otherwise Roon won’t find both albums.

I removed the Tidal account on Roon and logged back in, resynced a few times, nothing changed.

So not sure if it’s connected with this weird “not playing tracks” behaviour on the PC but why doesn’t it find those albums on Roon?

Thanks for any hint!

Thanks for the heads up here @michel_buchs – I see the issue here.

First, unfortunately “unavailable” tracks come generally come from TIDAL or right holders, meaning the person or organization that owns the rights to the music is allowing it to be displayed, but not played. For better or for worse, Roon and TIDAL need to follow these rules, hence all the unavailable tracks.

Second, there is a bug here that’s causing Roon to consider this album and this album to be the same, meaning you will only see one of them. We understand this issue and it’s something we are currently working on fixing, although it is a big change and we still have a little ways to go before the fix is live.

Finally, this isn’t actually an album:

This is actually a TIDAL playlist. You can favorite playlists in TIDAL and they will sync with your Roon library, but we don’t currently support marking TIDAL playlists as “favorites” in Roon right now.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the quick reply!
Yeah, I also saw it later, that the 2nd link was a playlist!
Bummer on the rights. Saw it also on other soundtracks! (Movie If I stay for example)

And thanks for the info on the bug. Good to know!

Keep up your good work!

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