Album Unavailable for Streaming

Is it just me, and my collection, or does it seem that Tidal is losing more music?

I just removed everything I had saved (and Roon had added) from a number of artists, like Prince and Neil Young, among others - 370 tracks in all, based on the Roon cleanup dialog, and I suspect there are more that I haven’t stumbled across yet.

Just curious if there is anything on the roadmap to help identify albums saved that Tidal no longer has access to stream… or, maybe I should stop adding Tidal albums to my collection and just search on-the-fly.

I have the same impression. Albums that used to be complete in Tidal are down to one to three tracks, others disappeared altogether and show the unavailable for streaming-error.
I don’t know if it’s something on Tidal’s end or if the communication between roon and Tidal is somewhat flawed. Maybe I should double check in Tidal client…

I think Tidal’s library is definitely lacking compared to Spotify.

This is very evident on new release day especially with indie releases.

Do you have any examples of that based on our own TIDAL client? This Friday we added 3700 new EPs, singles and albums. And that is pretty normal. And we see very little difference that other services are any better.

If you base this on the Roon client, bear in mind that publication of new material is lagging a little due to infusing more metadata.

Do you have any examples?

Couple off the top of my head…

Sarah Neufeld - The Ridge
Daughter - Not to Dissappear

I mentioned some in my original post. This is not a Roon issue; I verify my collection using the native app.

I am really confused, now. This morning, I went back into the native Tidal app and the albums that previously were “Unavailable for streaming” in the native app are now available again and playing, just fine.

For example, Prince’s new album “HITNRUN” is back, as is Purple Rain. And, Neil Young’s Archives Volume 1.

Scratching my head… but, good news.

I am having this issue with much of the Prince catalog, but it seems like it is a Tidal issue not a Roon issue. Thoguhts.

Define “issue”. And did you check the TIDAL catalogue in TIDAL apps? It’s flawless there. Approved by Prince himself.

I’ll define my issue -

I added all of the Prince albums that I didn’t have into my library from Tidal the day he died…

I tried playing Prince on shuffle this morning and only my ripped albums & tracks play, none of the Prince albums imported from Tidal play. However using Tidal’s web player, those same albums that won’t play on Roon, play on Tidal. Obviously, I’d prefer to use Roon!

i am having the same issues since update to 1.2. Parts of my library, and playlists are now unavailable in roon. but in the tidal app everything works just fine.
For example the new Drake album Views.
Just strated streaming on my iPhone. But Roon tells me totally unavailable.

The Prince albums play fine through the Tidal website. The Prince albums are unavailable for streaming in Roon, even though they are all listed. I would just like to play these albums through Roon so I can use my hifi setup. I have a Tidal subscription. I do not want to play Tidal through my computer speakers or phone. If there is a way you can help me play all the available Tidal albums through Roon, it would really help me. Thanks.

Same problem here with the new “Drake” album.
No problems with “Prince”. Every album playable through Roon.
Location is Germany.

I’m having a similar problem. The new Eric Clapton album is in the What’s New Category. I can play it in Tidal, Roon tells me it is unavailable. I can understand (sort of) when Tidal lists albums only to find them listed as “unavailable”-maybe they’re waiting for licensing, or their fingers crossed or whatever (seems to happen frequently with EMI jazz). It is what it is. What I don’t get is why it would be available through one app, but not the other.

Yes, Clapton album has now been out over 1 week and it still shows as unavailable in Roon, Yet streams just fine with the Tidal app. That just makes no sense.

Hi @John_Makela and @soyka0120,

The Eric Clapton album has been discussed here:

It looks like, from Andybob’s post and screenshot, that it will be available June 3.

I think there may have been an error on Roon’s part with the copyright issue and it doesn’t look like it’s been fixed. Looks like we will have to be patient and see if it shows up Friday.

Cheers, Greg

I can stream the entire album in Tidal, but in Roon the entire album is listed as “not available.” The album was officially released on May 20. I could understand if there was some rights negotiation with Tidal, but Roon shouldn’t have anything to do with that, right? So if it’s available via the Tidal album, but not in Roon, what could be the issue? If memory serves, this has happened a couple of times with other albums, but eventually the Tidal-Roon disconnect was fixed. This one seems to be lingering. Curious…

Update 6/3. Now everything on the Eric Clapton but Track 3 is available in Roon. Same situation in the Tidal app. There were a couple of albums that were released today that were in the “new list” but weren’t playing in Roon. I restarted Roon and that seemed to fix the issue.

I just downgraded my Tidal subscription from Hifi to normal.

When trying to play any track in Roon I get an error this track is currently not available from Tidal.
However in the Tidal app I have no issues playing the songs.

I will reset my Linux server as a last ditch solution, but what causes these issues?