Album unavailable: Wintersun - The Forest Seasons


I’m trying to stream the above mentioned album, but it is tagged “unavailable” within roon. I’ve deleted the cache as suggested several times but with no avail.

Searching the album within the Tidal App shows no result. Is this some kind of country limitation? I’m in Germany.



I got the same result (Canada).

I tried playing it in Tidal and it says that the record label does not permit streaming of this track, for all tracks.

The only way to find it in Tidal was to search for the Album in Roon, favourite it and then find it in My Collection in Tidal. It doesn’t actually show under the Artist, I had to search.

Long story short, the record label isn’t allowing it to be streamed.

Cheers, Greg

Pity… thanks for trying and sharing the outcome!