Album Version from Folder Name

I’m just trying to understand this feature but it’s not working as I would expect.

My music is structured as follows:-
N:\Music\Artist\Album (and I have a watched folder set to N:\Music)

Simple example:-

N:\Music\Adele\25 [Deluxe]\

I would expect the Deluxe to appear on the album to show the Version, but no.

If I add a [Bob] to the top level folder then it appears on all 3 album covers and [Deluxe] is still not shown.

N:\Music\Adele [Bob]\21\
N:\Music\Adele [Bob]\25\
N:\Music\Adele [Bob]\25 [Deluxe]\

So the only way I can get the Album Version to show is to have the Artist and Album name in the top level folder.

N:\Music\Adele – 21\
N:\Music\Adele – 25\
N:\Music\Adele – 25 [Deluxe]\

What am I missing? As I would expect the Album Version to come directly from the folder containing the files – rather than the top level folder.

Thank you.

Just as a test, replace the word Deluxe with “Remaster”…and Rescan your Watched Folder

Just the same, does not pick it up if at level 2 (aka the Album folder).

It’ll show up if you append the [xxxxx] in the file tags (specifically, “album”). Although I haven’t experimented, I don’t recall populating it from a folder name being possible. Could be wrong, though. Anyway, if you put it in a tag, it will create shorter paths, and also be there to leverage later…

also see: Where is album version information retrieved from?

Yes, I agree it works if you add [xxxx] to the Album Tag.

I was told you could also do it on the folder structure - and it does work; but only at the top level which makes no sense to me; because all albums below that folder get the same album version.

agreed …

Let’s add a flag for @Mike to pickup.

I raised a ticket for this one a while back. It is on the 1.3 list I think.
@mike may be able to confirm

Add [deluxe] to the album tag and it works as expected.

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Come to think of it, I (and presumably others as well) are already using [] or () or {} in our folder names to differentiate between various versions for non-Roon purposes. Could be some fallout from implementing lower-level folders as described above…

Yup it’s open and scheduled for the near term. We’ll follow up once we take a look at this @duncan.

Thank you.

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@duncan In fixing the problem where () [] {} version strings were being picked up (and concatenated) at too many levels in the folder hierarchy, there was a bug - that we were previously unaware of - where the () [] {} version at the album folder level was not being picked up at all unless, as you have found, the folder was immediately beneath the watch point. It’s surprising that no one else picked this up, but I suspect that many people also had the same version in their album file tags (they are de-duped). This should be fixed in the next Alpha and production release.

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Excellent news; thanks for the update.

Do you think there will be another maintenance release prior to 1.3?

Very likely @duncan. @mike is planning to provide an update to our release strategy at some point.