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I have the metadata preferences set to prefer Roon but I also use square brackets following the album title to identify any distinguishing characteristic about the album that I want to display (e.g. Limited Edition, Hi-Res version, etc.). This is checked off in the Import settings under Library. Up until recently these comments in the square brackets would appear as a note on the album cover. I just noticed today that is not happening anymore. Has this feature been removed in version 2.0 or is there some way I can re-establish it?

I’m pretty sure that went away in the update to 1.8, so not really recently.

Isn’t this what you’re looking for?

More like some time ago in Roon 1.8. It is now displayed in the small text underneath the album cover – if at all. Check your Album display settings

You may have to scroll to the bottom to actually see the option.

In the old way as overlay over the cover? No.

I have that setting on but the text in the square bracket no longer appears on the album cover. That’s what l’m looking for. I don’t know if they removed that feature or if there is something I need to do to enable the display on the album cover.

Like BlackJack said, it’s only possible to show it underneath the album cover.

OK, thanks.

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