Album version on covers question

One of my favorite features is the option to see Album Version on the covers in Roon. Before I started using Roon, I add “(High-res)” or “(DSD)” to the album titles in my library to help me distinguish these kinds of formats. By selecting “Show album version in browser” in Roon, these tags show up nicely on the cover. I noticed today that I forgot to add “(DSD)” to an album that I recently added my library. Being lazy, I didnt feel like re-editing the file tag so I decided to edit the album in Roon. However, when I edited the title from “Scribbled Folk Symphonies” to “Scribbled Folk Symphonies (High-res)” the (“High-res”) portion did not show up on the album cover as I expected. When I actually edited the tag with my normal editing software, “(High-res)” correctly displayed. I tested this with a DSD album that I also forgot to rename with the same outcome.

Is this expected behavior?

Yes, if you are in Roon you are directly editing Roon. Roon picks up the information between () or [] on the folder name and populates the Version field with that.

If you wanted the same effect, you should not edit the album title, instead you should edit the Version field.

Roon also picks up information between () and [] in the album title file tag.