Album versions different between Tidal and Roon

I noticed that some albums that are available in Tidal are not available in Roon.
One exemple is A Day at the Races by Queen.
I added it in my Tidal favorites albums but it doesn’t appears in my Roon library.
It also doesn’t appears if i do a search for Queen albums inside of Roon (a Tidal search inside of Roon)
There are other albums that seems to be different versions, one exemple is A Trick of the Tail by Genesis.
In Tidal all the tracks are from the remaster 2007 album.
In Roon the same album (from tidal) seems to be another version (not remastered)
Is this normal or there is something wrong with my setup?


Is there an answer to my questions?


Hi Giorgio,

I didn’t have A Day at the Races in my library, so I searched Tidal from inside Roon and I easily found it. I then went into the Tidal app and found it and then favourited it. A couple of hours later, it appeared in Roon.

I did the same with A Trick of the Tail, selecting the remastered version, like you. You are right that the metadata is from the original album. I tried editing the album information, but it doesn’t appear that the remastered version is available. I’m really not too concerned since it still has all of the information about the album that I’m interested in.

In a future release, we should be able to edit metadata and add remaster information to the album.

Hope this helps you.


Hi @giof – thanks for your question and sorry for the slow response.

There are a few known issues with different editions of Tidal albums that we’re working on. We apply Roon’s deep metadata to the entire Tidal database, which allows us to link your collection with Tidal in all kinds of interesting ways. It also lets us create links within Tidal’s library that wouldn’t be possible with their data alone. We’re working on this versions issue, and I’m guessing that’s what’s happening with the Genesis album.

That said, I’m not having an issue with the Queen album – I see two versions on Tidal, and both show up in Roon once they’re “favorited” on the Tidal website.

Can you open your Tidal account on the Services tab of Settings in Roon, and click “sync library now”? Let us know if the albums are still not showing up, and also what country you’re in, and we’ll take a look. Also, can you confirm the album can be played using your account on the Tidal website?

Thanks, and sorry for the trouble here!

Thanks Greg and Mike.

Of course I can live without “A Day At The Races” in my collection…I am only curios to understand the reason of the problem, since there may be other albums of other musicians that appears in Tidal but not in Roon.

Answering your questions:
Yes I did Sync the Library a lot of times but the problem continues.
In Tidal I have 30 favourites albums, in Tidal under Ronn I have 29.
Only “A Day At The Races” is missing.
Yes I also can see two versions of the album in Tidal and both are playing fine.
My subscription is for “Tidal England” but I live in Brasil (my ip is from Brasil)


Another question: can I add some of your “Tidal Collections” after initial setup?


There should be a Collections tab on the Tidal browser page.

As for “A Day At The Races”, I still want to figure this out. I assume you’re not seeing it when you browse to Queen’s artist page right?

I’m tempted to get some logs from your install, but my guess is that this something regional – maybe Tidal is blocking us in some way, or maybe we have a bug. I’m going to look into this a little more before I take up more of your time. Stand by.

Thanks @giof!

Yes, the album doesn’t appears when I browse to Queen > Albums > View All.
In Tidal appears two versions.