Album view filter by source and quality

Just found out that I have lot more albums now :slight_smile: Turns out that the TIDAL albums I added are now shown too. This is great, however sometimes I would like to filter out the music from my own library (or only the ones I added from TIDAL). In addition to that, filtering regarding sampling frequency / quality would also be nice. Just an idea.

Hi @Stefan,

Using Focus if you select Inspector and then Storage Locations … this will let you include / exclude albums from different sources i.e. those from different storage locations and Tidal.

Similarly Focus can be use to filter on audio Quality.

Have fun with Focus it’s really powerful.


Ha, great to know :slight_smile: I was not aware that I could scroll to the left. So “Quality” has its own button and “Storage locations” is an option in the “Inspector” button. Thanks a lot for the quick response.

Is there a way to save the focus/filter to use later? I’d like to create one for 88.2> content I have in my collection.

@DrTone Yes, when you have all your desired content filtered, just click on the bookmark icon on the top right hand corner and create a bookmark.

Very easy and very convenient!