Album view focus on country?

I pick my albums for a queue or playlist from the album view screen on an iPad or computer. Unfortunately album view does not allow filtering on country of performers.
I would like to see all albums from French, Dutch or UK performers.
Is this indeed missing, or am I missing the way how to do this (in Roon 1.3 of course)


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I do not think the metadata for this is available in Roon (or anywhere?).

That doesn’t have to stop you from adding a country tag yourself.

Yes, indeed, that would be my workaround as well. That would need some maintenance when adding new albums, though.


Country selection is already available within artist focus, so it should be possible to add it to the album focus as well.

:+1: I stand corrected!

Not sure if that would be a good thing. If I am in the artists area, it is logical for the country selection to refer to the nationality of the artist. But if I am in the albums area, I would probably want the country section to refer to the country of release for the album. For example, I might want to check the US releases of the Rolling Stones (or Beatles) vs the UK releases - there are differences. Same with early AC/DC, where the early Australian releases where different from the international releases.

But I am sure others will have different needs - no right or wrong in this case.

You are right that you can debate about what the meaning of country in an album view should be. This may be the reason that it is not implemented.

It doesn’t need to be named “Country”. I just want to select performers from a certain country, like UK.
Personally, I don’t care so much about in what country an album was released, but more the band origin.
In theory, focus choices could be expanded by selections such as: and in any focus screen.
Since performers’ country of origin is so nicely automatically labeled by Roon, I want to stay away from manually retagging albums whenever possible. I think one the strongest points in using Roon is this automation.

Said the man in orthopaedic shoes.

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+1 for this, the data is there and it’d be pretty useful.