"Album View" in Now Playing?

Let me guess. You off-shored the UI work and the person managing the off-shore development team got to check off one of their objectives - “New UI done”.

The grey banner in the Now Playing is UGLY. The grey color scheme does not fit in, it sticks out like a sore thumb. The banner takes up too much space and reduces the usable real estate from the elements above it. What is with the dinky little album art in the banner? That could just be an icon.

Please give users the option to go back to the old UI and add the ability to have large album art. This part of the UI should be user configurable.


Thanks for adding this to the roadmap. the fact that you are always listening, is one of the reasons I’m a lifetime Subscriber.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to express my thoughts on the ‘Now Playing’ screen.

I’ve always seen this screen as the view of Roon that you use when you are not interacting with it.
If I’m interacting with Roon, I’m generally using other views. Then I go back to the ‘Now Playing’ Screen and sit back to listen.
As such I want it to show me what’s playing - Track Name, Artists and large artwork - in an easy to see and read format.

I’m not sure that I want an ‘Album View’ in the now playing screen though. I don’t see how an ‘Album’ comes into it.
You are playing a successions of tracks from a queue you have created, either by adding individual tracks, a playlist, or , indeed, a whole album.
But what you are ‘Now Playing’ is a track - I want to see what that track is. Not the Album or Artists.
Sure, It’s nice to be able to see what those are, and to click through to more information, but want the track information displayed.

I’ve spent a lot of time getting the track information as I like it and embedded tags in the audio file, and I have ‘Prefer Info from file tags’ selected in preferences.
I would like it if the ‘Now Playing’ Screen used those tags. Specifically …
The embedded artwork. For compilation and greatest Hits albums, I have the individual Single artwork for each track. It would be great its that was displayed (as it is on most other media players)
The artist name. Roon seems to ignore this and uses (I Think) ‘Primary Artists Links’ - not sure where it gets this.
But this means that, for instance, for the album 'Armed Forces; it displays - ‘Performed by Elvis Costello, Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Elvis Costello And The Attractions’. Which just looks silly, as well as using up lots of screen real estate.
For compilation albums it sometimes lists every artist on that album.
I’m sure I can manually edit all this in Roon, but that’s a lot of work - which I have already done in my file tags.
It doesn’t do this when displaying the track in a playlist, where I’m guessing it’s treating the info as track rather than album based - hence my point that the ‘Now Playing’ screen should not be Album based.

I understand that other people use Roon in different ways to me, and I think that making the ‘Now Playing’ screen configurable is a great way of addressing different use cases. But, I know from other threads that there are other people who use artwork like I do.


At least find a picture that doesn’t make Bob James appear as if he were looking into your soul.

“Do you like my music?” “Well, DO YOU?!”


@support Is there an update on a “Now Playing” fix? It was my “go-to” screen for listening and I’ve been waiting in hopes this is fixed soon!


I really like the Now Playing screen, maybe a little tweak to location and sizes of controls whilst slimming down the height of the footer would be a good idea, but this old fashioned big cover art and controls only display really bores me for devices that have the screen real estate to display much more - I think the artist pic with smaller album cover looks just great! Perhaps release a personalised version for each user? :smile:

The static lyrics with the huge font are a major problem. Based on my own limited survey, less than 1/3 to 1/2 of the songs offer streaming lyrics, and for the rest we are left with huge, ugly lyrics that must be laboriously scrolled through line by bloody line. This is completely a non-starter in a home theater setup. The good news is that Roon has said they will look at the issue – I am hopeful that means they will fix it in weeks and not months. On the plus side, the automatic scrolling works very well, even if the size of the text is VERY large and must have been designed for users with cataracts. It is the static lyrics – which is what we see most of the time – that is the problem.

This is discussed in the below thread. I encourage you to offer your opinion here as well, so Roon knows that a number of us share this concern.

The issue of the large static lyrics is also discussed at the bottom of this thread:

In other threads, I referred to this as the Curse of Sonos. Sonos periodically changes their entire app. In the process, Sonos throws out the baby with the bathwater, and abandon the parts of their app that work really well. In response, many of their customers loudly object, and complain that with each successive version, Sonos becomes more difficult to use.

To some degree, Roon did the same thing. Roon wiped out the use of large album covers in the Now Playing screen, which looked great and worked well. Roon also threw out the text box of lyrics, which worked much better for lyrics that aren’t live and don’t automatically scroll. In both cases, the UI developers behaved like Sonos and abandoned features that worked well.

But on the PLUS side for the Roon developers, the new ability to quickly click on the icons for artist bios and summary information on the albums is really helpful and well done. My primary reason to subscribe to Roon is for those features, so I appreciate that part of the new design.

I would urge the developers to RETAIN those new features.

Those icons should be on the very bottom, just above larger font that says what is playing. Instead of putting those icons across the middle of the page. Then, when we click on the icon for the artist bio, or for the description of the album, the bio would fill most of the screen, instead of only the top half. For many shorter bios, that would completely eliminate the need to scroll through the bio.

And when we click on the icon for the album cover, it would be restored and occupy the same space – most of the screen above.

Agreed. Many of us have spent hours downloading high res cover art, and now we are left with a thumbnail in the corner.

The photos that replaced the cover art are comical. Because Roon must automatically crop the photos to fit a home theater screen or an iPad, Roon ends up showing us the knee caps of artists, or the nose without a chin, and in one especially comical bit of auto cropping, from the knees to the chest. You can guess what part of the anatomy was then shown in the center.


Please don’t persist in this Fake News :grin: - the lyrics box is still alive and kicking in 1.6

I haven’t looked at Roon since last night. Are you saying that this problem was fixed in the last 24 hours?

If so, that is great news instead of Fake News.

No, it’s always been there…

That is simply not correct. Look at the below thread and read the response from the CTO of Roon.

He’s talking about the lyrics in the Display feature. The Lyrics Box is unchanged from - what - version 1.4?

I’m not sure what the confusion is here. We are all talking about the lyrics as the lyrics appear in what we are collectively referring to at the version 1.6 “Now Playing” window. Namely, where the lyrics scroll automatically and with time, when the little clock appears on the microphone. You know what we are all referring to, as you responded on this point yourself. Those lyrics use a huge font.

When the lyrics are NOT linked with time, we are stuck with the same huge ugly font as appears with the lyrics that scroll automatically, only we have to scroll down one laborious line by line.

By contrast, in version 1.5 the lyrics appeared in a smaller font, in a box, and you only had to scroll down in the box once or twice, rather than constantly scrolling down line by bloody line. You could also modify the size of the font, as I recall.

You accuse me of spreading Fake News. Well, what Roon planet are you living on? Your own Chief Technology Officer knows precisely what the problem is, and acknowledged it.

And the same feature is still there in 1.6 - that’s what I’m trying to say…

I still don’t understand what is causing the confusion on your part. It is NOT, emphatically NOT, the same feature – or certainly NOT the same implementation of the feature.

You need to read the prior threads more carefully. I clearly explained the problem, and the Chief Technology Officer of Roon clearly understands --and acknowledges – that there is a problem that needs to be corrected, when you apparently do not.

Your assertion that it is the same feature is like saying that album art is still part of the Now Playing window, because the far smaller thumbnail is still included in the lower left window, rather than the big version of album art.

The prior implementation of static non-scrolling lyrics, and the prior implementation of Album Art worked.

The new implementation of both features does not.

Again, please don’t make false allegations of spreading fake news, when nothing could be further from the truth.

I think @Geoff_Coupe is talking about these…

The 3 dot menu at the end of a track listing.

Not on the now playing screen though.

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Ok, I understand the source of the confusion.

But I think it is pretty clear that what tboooe and I both are referring to is the simple and most obvious scenario. Namely, what lyrics look like when you click on lyrics in the Now Playing window.

For Geoff to say that the feature still exists means that we would have to do all of the following to get the new implementation of lyrics in version 1.6 to work most of the time (because time aligned scrolling lyrics appear to not be available for the majority of songs) –

(1) Click on lyrics in the Now Playing window.

(2) Observe the ugly huge static lyrics in the Now Playing window designed for people with cataracts.

(Or look carefully at the tiny icon of the microphone and look for the even smaller and tiny clock or the lack of the clock on the microphone.)

(3) Now close the Now Playing Window, or click on the que icon, to get the track list.

(4) Now click on the three dots to get a text box of lyrics for static and non-streaming lyrics.

Talk about a convoluted piece of software. Geoff accuses me of spreading fake news, when he is apparently defending this system.

The point is simple. The ugly huge lines of static text in the Now Playing window don’t work – because they force us to manually and laboriously scroll down, one line at a time.

Thankfully, the Chief Technology Officer of Roon immediately understood the problem, and said he would raise it with this team.

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I have a similar perspective on letting the Now Playing run w/o interaction and show track info.

I would like to be able to click on the large cover pic and see other pics I have loaded or even have a slide show option without exiting the now playing screen and re-entering. .

I like various artists with unique pictures per track and for complete album collection boxes I would like to see the cover of the album that matches the track vs. the box set front (similar idea to showing your scan of the single)

Configurable graphs are nice, too. Spectrum and wave form.

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I happily agree there was confusion. Allan was saying the lyrics box was gone in 1.6, when it quite clearly was still present to me.

What is the case is that in building the new Now Playing screen, Roon Labs have used the lyrics tech from the Display feature in place of the lyrics box tech. And I agree with Allan that this was a bad choice (using tech designed for 10 foot screens on displays that are going to be rendered on PCs/Macs/Tablets). Brian agrees as well, and the Now Playing screen will be changed in this and in other ways.

You said it better than I could have: Your wish-list for the Now Playing screen exactly matches mine!