Album view in playlist?

how can I have an album view when in a playlist (iTunes)? The list of tracks just doesn’t make sense with larger lists and also with classical it’s unusable.

I should add that I have 3k albums that I keep an eye on by organising in playlists. A simple tagging wouldn’t be enough or very laborious.

Would using focus and bookmarking the results give you what you want instead of using playlists?

Focus is a very powerful tool but does not seem to be well explained here or on the Roon knowledge base yet - unless someone else has a link that I can’t find at the moment.

What is focus and where can I find it in Roon1.2?

Focus is a set of filter tools. When you have defined a Focus filter to your liking, using one or more of the tools, you can bookmark it and apply it to your collection with a single click.

The Focus tools vary according to how you are viewing your collection (Artist, Album, Track, Composer, Work). They are accessed from the button marked Focus with the lens shutter graphic to the top left, next to the Play All blue button.

You can apply multiple tools to a filter eg: Jazz genre between 1953 and 1957. The logic is AND between tools and OR within a tool.

Many of the Focus tools are self-explanatory, some of the interactive tools are described further below (using the Album group of tools).

The Filter box tool searches a text string. It is always literal and doesn’t accept wildcards.

The Added tool uses the Import Date in the metadata. When clicked/tapped there is a bottom menu for relational periods, or you can drag the calendar boxes to define a date or range of dates.

The Years tool, when clicked/tapped, enables a decade to be selected or a start and end year to be defined.

The Genre tool, when clicked/tapped, enables one or more genres to be added to a filter. Genres are default or as mapped by the user.

The Format tool contains options for file type, resolution etc.

The Inspector tool is a miscellaneous set of options which are often helpful when grooming your collection. It includes ability to filter by file location which can be very useful.

Edit: see @brian 's recent post in this thread for further reference on Focus, with screenshots.

[quote=“WKW, post:3, topic:9924”]
What is focus …
[/quote]See Knowledge Base Glossary

[quote=“WKW, post:3, topic:9924”]
… where can I find it in Roon1.2?
[/quote]Top left of the browser screens (PC, Mac & Tablet devices but not available small screen phone app, yet).

Great to discover this possibility, thanks. I don’t see the iTune’s “comments” entry/label, however, which is where I usually enter some information that helps me to keep an overview on my collection. When I add a filter with a word from “comments”, Roon complains (“Try removing some Focus criteria”). OK, album labels are there but not other notions in my “comments”. Can I motivate Roon to consider “comments”?

Do I miss something here?

I don’t know of a way to store or search comments within Roon, except as tags. Sounds like a good feature request.

I’d greatly welcome this possibility. In my comments I mention the kind of rip (e.g. vinyl), the site where I purchased and downloaded it from, the label (if it’s important to me) etc.