Album view in playlists

I want this feature please!!!

Workaround on this issue: I simply select all the tracks in a Playlist, add a custom Tag, then go to Album View and select the Tag. Voila…your playlist in Album View!


Oh I’m getting soo sick and tired of “workarounds” I don’t want any workarounds for nothing. I want functionality. The whole thing about album view in a playlist is to NOT having to use the tagging system for everything. Album playlist can be a substitution for folderview in my case, tagging most defenatly is not because it is passive and in need of constant curration by the user. Like others here I don’t like the spreadsheet view of the playlist, so last century. Album art is very helpful, even in playlists.

What i really really really would like to see is an album based smart playlist that can contain albums based on storage location, without any dreadfull “workaround”

Wow…sorry for trying to help. I’ll keep it to myself next time. :-\

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I like the work around, so thank you, but also agree with Nyquist that its lazy for Roon to rely on users to come up with workarounds. Don’t keep things like this to yourself!

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Oh, I wholeheartedly agree that this is an issue where Roon needs to step in and provide a real solution, especially because it seems so simple to implement (along with some other things, such as sorting by any field and not just a cherry-picked few). But in the meantime I’m glad you appreciate the tip. :+1:

I wasn’t pointing at you. It’s just that i see so many “workarounds” everywhere for things that could be very simple in the first place that I got a bit carried away.

Thanks for clarifying. I definitely get what you’re saying, and maybe one day Roon will get it too.

Unfortunately that workaround does not work for me.

I also add albums to a playlist sometimes in order to be able to find the albums again later. There are some albums that I listen to on occasion, but do not want in my Library on Tidal or Roon.

When an album is not in your library you cannot add tags to it or view it in the Albums section.

I would like to see a feature added to view your playlist as collection of albums. Audirvana currently has this feature, and it was great.

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+1 for an album view of playlists from me too. iTunes, TIDAL and Audirvana all have this feature.

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Five (5) years later…


Oh c’mon… It’s just 4.33 years…

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I asked for the feature long before this post… and no, I am not going to look for that post :grinning:

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Same for me: Roon is too expensive to not give us this simple feature. Playlists become a bit useless for me. I need this album view too.


Came here for a solution but now i just want to add +1 for the album view in playlists. It’d be a nice feature to have in Roon.

Also, the argument that playlists are for songs only is not always true. In iTunes I have a playlist ‘Album Review’ in which I put new albums I want to check out later. Otherwise they get lost among the 12.000+ albums in my library.

Totally. One of my favorite types of playlists to create are ‘best album list’ playlists. Like when an artist talks about their favorite albums from their childhood, or Grammophone’s best albums of 2020, etc.

+1. Badly need album view in playlists. C’mon. For example, I’ve saved several albums to a playlist called Christmas music. When I view the playlist, I don’t want to see 90 tracks, I want to see my Christmas albums. It seems so simple, right?

Whilst this remains a feature suggestion, an alternative would be to tag the albums and then view them from the tags menu.

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I think this would work relatively well if your goal is to put albums in a form of “To Listen” playlist, but it is a nightmarish solution for general playlist use.

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+1 for this feature that sounds trivial