Album View question

New user on 1.3… excellent product. I’m running it on a MBPro. Surely there is a way to make to better use of the screen? I’m looking at a 2x4 grid of cover art and I don’t see any controls to decrease the size of the art so less swiping. I’m only at 350 albums–I would think if one had a really large collection, album art view would be almost unusable if you wanted to just breeze through looking for a record to catch your eye. I seem to remember Sooloos offering more art per screen. Even iTunes is better in this regard.

And can someone explain what the checkmarks on album art represent? Thanks.

In Settings > General you can check “Allow for more covers and photos”, then the cover art is displayed smaller and more fits on the screen.

Then you have search functions in focus. The ticks are recommended albums.

Here you go :slight_smile:

Thanks very much, problem solved.