Album View Setting?

After a small week of everything tested with the new version:
Really sounds better, faster and appearance is of course a matter of taste.
The possibilities I want are there and even a little too many. Also a matter of taste.

I do mind a setting during playback.
I choose: tracks (My Tracks)> Play now> Shuffle.
Now Roon plays a different album and track every time.
So far everything is going well.
When I go to album view I often see a different view of the album.
Then the lyrics again, then the cover again, as long as it’s available.
I set what I want to see in the top right corner. Large cover view for example.
But when the next track with lyics is playing, Roon shows the lyrics and not the big cover.
Is there a setting to do that or do I have to live with this…

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Customize Now Playing

The screen has been completely overhauled, and the design is customizable – choose what information you want a click away, and what you don’t want to see at all.

Move the album art to the top spot (default view).


Perfect! Thanks!