Album without MQA badge

Dear @Support
I have inadvertently found next album without MQA badge:

I am very obligingly asking to complete the data in the Roon database.
Humble and contrite user.

Hey @Lonek,

Thanks so much for sharing that an album doesn’t display the MQA badge. Just to make sure, is “Show MQA badge” enabled in Settings → General → Customize Album Display?

Does this happen for any other albums? Also, it looks like the image you shared is from the share feature which doesn’t show format information. Can you add a screenshot from Roon so we can see what it’s being reported as?

MQA badge is ON - as it can be seen on this picture (Trio Libero):

Thanks for confirming that, @Lonek.

The screenshot is very helpful: Tidal does not perform or provide MQA file format analysis, so we have to do it ourselves. There is normally a short delay while we process new albums. It has always been like this.

Could you please give it 24-48h?

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Yes - of course.
Thank you very much.

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