Album won't import: briefly appears in album browser, then disappears

I copied an album to the Roon library on my NUC:
Mostly Other People Do The Killing/Blue

It doesn’t show up in the album browser, nor in artist or track browsers, nor in search. I have the album browser sorted by Date Added to make things easier.

I wondered if there was something wrong with the FLAC files, converted to MP3 with dBPoweramp batch converter and copied those, no success.

Created another directory on the NUC and copied to there, added the directory to to Roon; Roon says 10 tracks added, 5 each of FLAC and MP3, but still don’t show up.

I tried the trick of dragging the directory onto Roon’s UI, Roon asks me to confirm I want it copied – and this time I notice something I haven’t see before, the album briefly appears is the album browser and then disappears after about a second.

I have no filter active in Focus, and in any case those don’t affect search.

Force rescan doesn’t help.

Any ideas?

Is it a duplicate and being hidden ?

You’re a genius!
I was going to answer quickly that it isn’t a duplicate, but it was misidentified as a duplicate.

The album is controversial: the trumpeter Peyer Evans and his band mates have reproduces Kind of Blue, note for note, sound for sound, there is quite a lot of debate (e.g. here)? And this similarity made Roon identify it as Miles’s Kind of Blue, so even when I inspected the Kind of Blue versions Roon showed Miles as the artist, with Miles’s cover art. It was only by inspecting the file paths that I could find out which was which.

And listening, of course, they are good but not identical.

Thanks. Have had this problem before, but I forgot.

@joel may want to take a look.

In early alpha there were a few albums like this that got wrong ID’s because they were remakes/tribute albums that looked pretty much like th original.

TBH, if an artist has gone at great lengths to replicate an album…

That said, I would like to take a look at the media. @support can assist.

Tricky case. It was a meticulous copy of Mikes’s album, but when I went to identify the album the correct album was known to the system. It knew about Peter Evans/Mostly Other, but it selected Miles.

@support let me know if you want to look at anything.

Hi @AndersVinberg ---- Can you send me sample of the content in question via a dropbox download link in a PM? Let me know, thanks!


Sent link in a PM.

That album is an absurdly difficult case for our automatic identification stuff. Too easy to identify “Kind of Blue” as it, and vice versa.

I know we have at least something special to prevent auto-identifying it, because whenever we let it through, it causes hundreds of reports of false positives for the real Kind of Blue.

Sadly, I think I have a lost copy of it somewhere in my library, too.

But the files contain correct metadata, and the jpg is correct. And the path is descriptive.
And when I asked for an identification, the correct album was the first choice.

I think it is doable, or at least can raise an escalation.
The question is if this is unique enough not to justify the effort.
I imagine it is.

You recall, I didn’t raise it as a bug. Just wanted help, which Nick provided.
I keep pushing for strategic focus.
Sometimes my issues are edge cases. Everybody’s issues. Should be ignored.
That’s the challenge we all face in development.

Hate to revive a thread but I think my setup is experiencing a similar issue.

I imported a Thelonious Monk multi-disc set which appeared briefly and then disappeared. Some of the works are represented as albums in my library but not all.

There are no skipped files in the settings and I’ve tested every track in case there were issues.

Any ideas?

When it happened to me, people suggested that you make Hidden albums visible. If it appears, you have to find out why it is invisible.
Sometimes it is a duplicate, so it shows up under Versions of another album…

Where in settings, do I make hidden albums visible?

I’m away from home, but it’s in the first Settings page, at the top.

Found it.

Thank you.

Making hidden albums visible solved the problem.

Thank you @AndersVinberg

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