Albums added are creating Playlists?

All of a sudden, could be since latest update I’m not sure, but some albums I add are automatically being added as playlists as well. What gives? Am I missing something new in settings? Like I just added a 5 disc Dylan box and it went into my library but also added 5 new playlists. Help. Thanks.

Playlist import settings are controlled by Settings|Storage individually for each storage location. Can you check to see if the settings have been changed? Other than that I can’t see why this should start happening.

No nothing’s changed. I have a Nucleus and it’s watching that.

Where did the Dylan Box come from? Have you checked the Dylan box folder for m3u files?

Just checked…no M3U files just flac. Should I turn the m3u switch off in settings? Thanks

Yes, turn it off to prevent playlist imports. Note that it will also import the following playlists according to the KB:

  1. pls

  2. m3u8

  3. xspf

Check that none of the above are in the watched folders either.

However, this doesn’t fix your problem.

EDIT: One of the Mods will need to move this into the Support section if you are certain there are no playlists in those folders.