Albums are added by itself

Was thinking the same. It is the only scenario I can think of that was not mentioned yet. Since adding a favourite in the Tidal app will make the track or song appear in roon. Since Jens does not recognize the added content, not his taste, it could be that somone else is adding them, not knowing that they show up in roon.

Only have beach Boyes, but those where added from my file collections, don’t have them others… How did you delete a collection. where should I see what collections I am suppose to have. I never added any my selfe.

there is no collections left from when I instI imported my private collection first and had no need to add such a function. Also, nobody else has my account.
I would not mind that my favorite from tidal show up, these are definitive not that, I would never listen to some of these artists that are added to my collection.

If there is so many that is having this problem, is there not a solution? Is there not a way to solve it?

Also for me, this suddenly start happening long time i.e. Many months after my roon installation, if this was a function from the installation, why has this happend?


OK, I think something is going on.

124 albums reappeared over night. I added 2 collections in the exercise above and deleted them afterwards and all looked normal again. Only to be surprised with the 124 added albums.

I deleted the 124 albums again and will let roon run to see if there is a present in the morning and report back.

I am starting to be a litle fed up by this. I had to delete my Mac instalation today, formater the harddisk and starter a fresh install… I DID NOT HIT ON ANY CATEGORY TO JUMP START MY Tidal… None, i specificaly hit “no thanks”.
10 min arter roon had got my tidal user and password, it had imported more than 1000 albums from artists that I have ever heard of, nothing I would never add my selfe…
Logging in to my tidal app, non of these exist there…

ROON… fix this issue

Hi Jens,
I agree this does sound very strange, I’m leaving a flag for @Mike or @vova to follow up.

Hi Jens,

A couple of more questions.

  1. If you go into the Tidal app and click on My Music, none of the 1000 albums show there? Just confirming.
  2. In Roon, can you select one of these new albums, click on it and take a screenshot?

It should look like this:

We understand your frustration, but the Roon guys need to figure out what the problem is before they can fix it.

Cheers, Greg

If either Roon or me makes a Tidal album a Favorite, then either in Roon or in the Tidal app that album must be De-Favorited, right? ReInstalling Roon won’t do that will it?

For me it was a tedious hour of DeFavoriteing those albums in the Tidal app. (Click off the Star)

@Jens_Petter_Johansen – I understand you’re frustrated, and we’re all trying to help, but I need a little more information to look into this.

Again, the screenshot I need is the album page, as shown above. Then, I’m sure we can get a better sense of what’s happening here.

And while we’re at it, a few more questions:

  • Have you uninstalled or reinstalled Roon since this issue started?
  • What devices do you use TIDAL on, besides Roon?

Thanks @Jens_Petter_Johansen – looking forward to getting this resolved real soon.

you could have focused and defavorited all, no?

Yes. :slight_smile: But this was some time ago, December 15, and I didnt realize I could focus and delete Tidal Favorites that way. It was a learning process watching Roon reduce the library in real time as I DeFavorited dozens of albums.

In this case, unless there’s an account or profile issue, a Focus Defavorite or a Tidal manual should be done rather than a reinstall, right?

I think that installation option of Roon selecting Tidal albums is a nice feature. Perhaps there should be a way to present these titles in a separate “Pending Library Additions Curated by Roon & Tidal” area that a Roon user could cull and/or approve after getting their feet wet with the software.

Interesting. Maybe the feature of adding Tidal Collections should be removed from the software installation area.

As Tom mentioned, you can always go into Browse Tidal > Collections and add them after when a person is more familiar with the software.

Anyway, we are getting off topic. We’re waiting on Jens.

Cheers, Greg

Yes, as Intried to explain. Yesterday, I formatted my hardisc and reinstalled both my Mac and roon. So, I installed clean from the beginning, within 30 minutes more than 3000 album from a lot of categories I never listen to was added to roon. I logged then in to my Tidal app to see if I could see any of this albums there. non of these album was there, not any of these are in my favorite or are even anything that I have ever looked at… So now I had to do a delete off all tidal albums and now have to painstatink build up every album one by one…
This time I made a 100%sure I did not hit any jumpstart import of anything to roon.
What is strange ,

I use tidal on my iPhone but as I said, these albums or artists is not in that app.

What exactly do you want picture of, all my albums? I don’t understand.

They are not in my favorites in tidal, they don’t show up any place in my tidal…

That is correct, they are not in Tidal, not in my favorites, I have never been in to look at these albums even…

I can take a picture of the a section, but I had to delete all my tidal albums since the count had come up in more than 3000 albums, but I take a picture when things shows up again in my roon

A screenshot of an album that’s been added automatically, like the one above.

This album has been added by roon now. Never heard of this man…

So, as I see this there are two peoblems

  1. more than 3000 unwanted albums was added when I installed tidal in roon. None of this albums was in my tidal app under favorite or any place else.

  2. Albums are added to roon on a regular basis as we go, same here non of this are either favorite artists or categories. Non exist when I go in to my tidal app.


Also, as I said last time. This is not anything to do with the jumpstart feature since I did a clean install, and did not use that. I have also checked this feature and no categories are marked…

Thanks @Jens_Petter_Johansen – that’s really helpful.

Those checkboxes don’t reflect whether you added collections in the past, but I agree this isn’t related to that feature, since the album you posted above isn’t included in any of the collections. So, we’ve ruled out that possibility! Good.

One thing I should mention is that Roon uses the import date we get from TIDAL. So if you’ve been marking favorites in TIDAL for a year and then sign up for Roon, your import dates in Roon will reflect when the albums were added to your TIDAL account. So, in this case, it’s worth noting that this album was marked as a favorite yesterday.

Any idea what might have happened there? Were you using Roon yesterday? Or maybe a TIDAL app on another platform?

I have to say, I keep coming back to is this:

@Jens_Petter_Johansen – would you mind changing your TIDAL password on the website, then relaunching Roon and updating your log in information?

I’m happy to look at your logs if you’d like, and we can see if anything from the last 24-36 hours jumps out. Because we haven’t heard more widespread reports, my guess is that we’re going to see a notification from TIDAL that this marked as a favorite, and then the album was added to your library.

If no more albums are added with a new password, that will be a good clue, but if you’d like me to look at the logs to confirm, just let me know @Jens_Petter_Johansen. Thanks!

Yes, I found that marked in tidal as favorite. I have never done it, not have I ever given my account to anybody. Also, are favorites imported to roon automaticly unless I add the album, right? I have lots of favorites in tidal that is been added to roon. I added all that I wanted my selfe manually.
I have about 50-70 album under my favorite in tidal, more than 3000 was added under the installation phase.

I did not add this in my favorite, not my kind of music that I like at all…

I have now changed my password, let’s see what happen

Yes, favorites in TIDAL are synced with your Roon library, in both directions.

Meaning, if you favorite something in TIDAL it will be synced to your Roon library automatically, and if you add a TIDAL album to your Roon library, it will be marked as a favorite in your TIDAL account.

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