Albums are not playing in the proper sequence

I have Qobuz via Naim MuSo, through a TalkTalk router using USB stored some 10000 tracks.

Presently if I select one of my stored albums they are not playing in the proper sequence?
Any suggestions?

Thank you David.

Go to the Queue screen - have you turned on the Shuffle function by accident?

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Thank you for your reply, I’ve looked but I’ll look again. :+1:

Yes I had duh :roll_eyes: Don’t know how! Knew it would be something like that! Many thanks. I couldn’t find it, of course it’s on the tracks function! :+1:


If it’s any consolation this happens to me too every now and then…

While it’s most likely something I’m doing I’ve never worked out what, so still not entirely convinced it’s not a bug. :wink:

First time for me! Can’t think I did it but it is possible. I’ll keep an eye out if it changes again as you mention. Thanks for the reply. David

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