Albums available on Roon, but NOT on Tidal

Hello @support,

Recently I keep finding albums via search on Roon that are not, in fact available on Tidal (yet). Roon allows me to add the albums to my library, then an attempt to play them triggers a “Track not available for streaming on Tidal.”

The albums do not come up at all in the Tidal app.

Until recently, albums not available on Tidal did not come up in search except as individual tracks, and then would be tagged with the pink “unavailable” in the track listing.

Examples (as of 12/18/18):
Kate Bush: Remastered Pt. 1
Harmony Rockets/Peter Walker: Lachesis / Clotho / Atropos
Bob Dylan: More Blood, More Tracks (Deluxe Version)

Is this a version bug?

Hello @Daniel_Gercke,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this matter.
I am able to reproduce your findings and we are investigating this issue.