Albums by Performer Missing

When I click on an artist, sometimes I get albums they are on, and others, like the bernstein example, I get nothing.

I have to click on ‘view albums in library’ to see the albums he is on. Is this normal behavior now?

example of when it works:

Are the Bernstein albums identified by Roon? I am thinking this has to do with how the albums are tagged by you or Roon. On the albums Bernstein should be listed as the primary artist for an album to show up as in your library on his artist page. You can edit this in the album editor
Also, do albums show up if you click on compositions for Bernstein?

Hi, thanks for responding. Yes they are identified - i think the issue is the focus is disabled when looking at him as an artist. Here is an example of one of the albums under him - everything seems to look ok. out of 9000+ albums, only 150 are not identified and none of those are bernstein:

Click on the 3 dot menu and go to edit. Then select the edit album tab and scroll down to primary artist and take a screenshot please. Also screenshot the artist and album artist please.

Is this what you needed?