Albums & Composers count wrong since 1.8 update

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Rock on NUC 8 i3

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Unifi Dream Machine

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Allo Boss DAC

Description Of Issue

Albums & Composers count wrong since 1.8 update.
My Home page is only showing 67 Composers. When clicking on it says 67 of 4104 composers - show all composers:

I don’t know if it is a setting I’m not aware of, but the Home screen only seem to show the Classical Composers count.

Album count is also off, but I’m less worried about this one as I was thinking this might be a library indexing thing still going on ( :crossed_fingers:):

Thanks in advance for your support!


Hi, @bernardb50 , thank you for the post. As for composers count on Overview, this is an intended behavior to show classical composers count since by default when you switch to Composers browser we show only composers who are considered classical. As fro albums count, could you, please, specify do you have “Show hidden tracks and albums” setting turned off or on? This one can be found in “Settings → General”



Hi Ivan, okay that worked, thx. I wasn’t aware I had so many hidden albums :upside_down_face:.
Best regards,

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