Albums disappear periodically

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10, Roon 1.6 build 416

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Asus ethernet router

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

USB DAC + tube amplifier

Description Of Issue

The above information doesn’t really help as not relevant but I added it anyway. The problem I’m experiencing is that every now and then certain albums I have added from Tidal are disappearing and Roon doesn’t even tell me it removed them. I just find this when I try to play an album I like only to discover it is gone. Could you please help with this? I guess it might have something to do with Tidal removing albums due to copyright or other reasons, but why Roon removes them from my library? At least I need to know which albums have been deleted so that I can buy them as CDs for example.

All of the services remove albums. There have been requests for some sort of tracking by roon in other threads.

But why should Roon delete something from my own library? It makes no sense. With the same logic it could delete my own music if, let’s say, the storage where it is located is temporary unavailable.
A professional software should keep all missing albums/tracks as orphan or “shadow” objects and when one tries to play such object then you should get a message like “the track/albums is not available” or something.

I think they are left as placeholders in playlists but I don’t know about the albums in library. Roon support or the moderators will know more.

Yep, looking forward to their feedback and resolution. I don’t use playlists that much as I rely on tags. So when Roon decides to remove an album, it just does it without any sort of notification or audit trail.

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See this explanation below. Roon just sees your Tidal library, if tidal removes an album roon shows you your tidal library but minus one.

thanks for the details but I still think it doesn’t make sense. I’m not talking about Tidal library, I’m talking about my Roon library. If this is the same thing, then there is an architectural flaw in Roon. This is expensive software which has these frustrating flaws. I remember reporting the simple focus search capability 3 years ago and it is still not fixed…………

Hi @Asen_Petrov,

Your TIDAL favorites are synced to Roon exactly as they are in TIDAL. If you were to unfavorite an album in TIDAL, this then gets deleted from Roon. Same goes for if you delete a TIDAL album in Roon, it gets unfavorited in TIDAL.

This also applies if an album is removed from your library due to streaming rights. Since it is no longer in your TIDAL favorites, it will be deleted in Roon.

Local storage is handled a bit differently. If your storage location is removed, the albums won’t show up in Roon, but we do keep that data saved so that, when the location becomes available again, your data is still saved.

We recommend using the Export feature — Some Roon users will do regular exports to Excel so they can compare to see if there were any albums that became unavailable.

Hi @dylan,

Thank you for the information but this basically reconfirms what has been mentioned already. The way Roon is designed to handle the library is flawed. Or, Roon is just a wrapper around Tidal then. When can we expect this issue to be fixed as I don’t want to pay hundreds for a wrapper?

Hi @Asen_Petrov,

Right now, things are working “as designed”. We definitely appreciate the feedback, and we’d love to see you post a request in our Feature Request category.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.

Unless you can convince Roon to somehow compensate you for your “loss” of albums removed by TIDAL, I don’t think this “wrapper issue” will ever be fixed. Unless you’ve bought the album, you don’t own it, and the provider (TIDAL) is not required to offer you continuous usage.

I cannot imagine what a “fix” to your issue would be. But as Dylan said, feature requests are always reviewed.

Hi @dylan,
Before submitting this is a feature request and start hoping it will get implemented, I would like to clarify this one last time.

Let me be clear here - I don’t have Tidal favourites, nor do I have Tidal playlists. In fact, I don’t even have the Tidal app installed. I’m using Roon, not Tidal. Are you saying that when I add album to my Roon library, Roon also adds it to the Tidal favourites? In other words, are you saying that Roon basically processes all Tidal stuff as if I’m using Tidal??? If that is the case then why even call it Roon library?? Please confirm that my understanding is correct and that “things are working as designed” as you say, because to me it doesn’t make sense and I believe this is an issue that should be fixed. Thanks.

Hi @Asen_Petrov,

Yes, this is correct. Some customers use both the TIDAL app and Roon, or were using TIDAL only before coming to Roon, so to facilitate this we sync with TIDAL’s favorites. When you add or delete an album in one, this is reflected in the other.

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