Albums displaying original release date, also sorted by ORD, despite Release date being selected in preferences

Roon Server Machine

Roon Server version - 2.0 (build 1357) production
OS version - Linux 4.4.59+

Networking Gear & Setup Details

not applicable to issue

Connected Audio Devices

ropieee device, various NAD compatible devices

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I’ve had this frustration for a while - when viewing an artist’s discography, I see the releases sorted not in the chronological order of original release, but when the specific version of the album I’ve ripped was released. I set out to fix this, and I’m finding that selecting either “release date” or “original release date” in Settings > General > Album dates for sorting makes no difference in the date displayed, nor the sorting order in an artist’s discography.


Artist page:

Inspecting one album as an example “Forgotten Legends,” you can see the date displayed in the above image is not in correlation with the “Release date” selection in my general settings. Instead I’m seeing the original release date, 2004 Feb 23. I’d expect the album to be displaying instead the release date, 2003 Aug 13, and to also be sorted based on that attribute.

Hi @Scott_Songer,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting a staff response.

A few questions should help clarify the behavior here:

  1. What are your import settings in Roon → Settings → Library? Do you have Prefer File or Prefer Roon selected for Original Release Date?

  2. Did you use any third-party software during ripping or tagging for these local albums?