Albums fragmented

It appears to me that since the latest version landed (1.7) many of my albums have fallen apart. I see, in some cases, as many albums as there are tracks on the album, each with one track. In another case, where the original CD had two classical pieces each of two movements, I now see two albums, each with the same title, each containing the tracks from one piece. This is very tedious. is there any cure?

Select both albums in Album view, click on Edit button and select Merge Albums.

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Are these local albums or Tidal

Tidal often shows an album split up …

It’s all local music.

I can’t see how to multi-select in the album browser. Any click leads to the album page.

Right-click on an album to add it to the list of selected albums. Right-click on another album to add it to the list of selected albums.

If you’re familiar with Windows File Explorer, it behaves the same way in Roon. E.g. right-click on the first album, then shift-click on another album to select the entire range between the two albums