Albums grouped correctly in Windows app but not Android

Hi I’ve gone through the trouble of grouping alternative versions of certain albums (local files, and Tidal versions), on my windows 10 laptop, but when I browse my albums on the android app its as if I’ve done nothing? Is there some way I can make my changes show up on my android devices?

Hey Travis,

Can you check Settings > General > Show Hidden Tracks and Albums on your Remote devices and see if it’s set to Yes on the android as apposed to No on the laptop?

Cheers, Greg


Hi @Travis_Ernewein,

As Greg suggested, checking that the Show Hidden Tracks and Albums setting is properly set on the Windows 10 device is the best first step. This setting can be set on each device differently, so that might be why you’re seeing the difference.

@Greg and @dylan yes this appears to have worked!!! Thanks felllas.


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