Albums I add are not displaying in my list of albums

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 (Generic Intel PC, i5-7600K, 16G RAM)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

his is happening on my roon core PC which is also running the roon client. So no network involved.

Connected Audio Devices

I’m using a Denifrips DAC via USB.

Number of Tracks in Library

109,000 tracks, 7857 albums

Description of Issue

For months now, when I click the Heart icon next to an album Roon often seems to take forever to finish the process. Now there are some albums which I add/favorite and they don’t show up in my list of albums. Other albums I add soon after do show up. If I remove the missing albums from my library and re-add them they still don’t show up. Most, if not all of these are albums on Tidal.

Adding a heart to an album in Roon doesn’t add it to the library. You can only ‘heart’ an album that is already in your library, local or Tidal/Qobuz. It means that you mark it as a favourite.
However, when you add a heart to an album from within the Tidal app, this album os then added to the Roon library.

Adding a Tidal album to your library from within Roon is done from within the album view, with the plus button or with the three dots and then: add to library.

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Hi @Dave_Cream,

Did Arlen’s explanation help get you going or are you still having issues with adding albums? If you still need help please let us know. Thanks!

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