Albums lacking Descriptions

While I am cool with odd albums lacking descriptions I have several in my test collections that I believe should have a description. These are listed below:

Rush Hold Your Fire
Talk Talk The Colour of Spring
Kiss Alive!
Editors In Dream
Hollywood Vampires Hollywood Vampires
J. Geils Live Full House
America Hearts, Harbor, & Hideaway

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“The Colour of Spring” was one of my favourite albums in the eighties yet somehow I missed “Spirit of Eden” two years later and “Laughing Stock” after that. It wasn’t until Roon/Tidal that I listened to and came to thoroughly enjoy those albums also.

And while I don’t have Kiss “Alive”, all my friends did. Well worth a review.

When you refer to your “test collections” Daniel, are these albums that you know very well and use to compare equipment/setup etc ?

Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock are great, almost jazz. My test collections are just my high definition music as purchased or ripped from DVD or Blu Ray. Been using Roon as a front end for only this music. My thousands of CD rips have not yet been put into Roon as I want to thoroughly know the software and have thought out the meta-data. Meaning how to clean up my meta data so when it goes into Roon I get a good match.

When I want to test something specific in Roon, I use extracts of the high definition music to test things. I seem to have an issue of albums not getting the review. Other meta data will come through. If I choose rescan, nothing ever updates. I have found that if I make a copy of an album with no review and have Roon do a new import, it GETS the review as well as populating the pre-existing album. I then remove the duplicates.

I posted a list of albums without reviews. A couple of them do not have “official” reviews by AllMusic. But, Kiss Alive and Talk Talk Color of Spring do… see link
I’m not sure why that information is not coming through.

Lets ask @jeremiah if he can shed any light on it.

I would like to add my own reviews as we can in Sooloos. A lot of my material only has local reviews.

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I would also like to be able to add album descriptions. I have nearly 7000 albums (including the Tidal favorites) but I would say that almost 20% has no description. In fact some of my best albums are there and I think they deserve a good story! Also other Roon users should have access. Who is doing this anyway for Roon? Can we request album descriptions? Email the editors?