Albums Missing from Composer Overview

I’m having a similar problem. Roon doesn’t recognise the album - or the composer (despite it being in the file name). The meta data seems fine. I don’t seem to be offered this ‘Is classical composer’ option.
I’m still new to getting this working - (I keep reverting to foobar to actually find stuff).
Is there a simple way to just tell it who the composer is? - That would be a start. I can add finer details later.


The file name doesn’t really matter, the metadata tags in the file are what’s relevant. Does the file have a the album name, artist, and composer tags and the relevant names in there?

Screenshots please. The “classical composer” option is in the artist editor. You have to go to the artist and click the (…) button > Edit

What is “it”, Roon? You can add a composer credit to the album or track(s). Go to the album page, click the (…) button > Edit, scroll down to Credits > Add Credit. Search for the name, add it, choose a role (i.e., composer), save.

Before you add a credit, ensure that you have at least one album in the library where this person is already credited, else Roon may not find the proper entry for the artist when you add it

The album has a composer credit but still does not appear in the composers window.
It’s very hard to learn this and I have 6tb left to organise.hmm

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I don’t quite understand. What do you mean “the composers window”? The last screenshot? That’s the compositions (not composers) section of the search results:

There simply is no “composers” section in these results, because you already searched for a composer.
Do you mean that you expect the album from the second screenshot to appear in compositions in the search result?

Further up in this thread, this was not the topic. The topic in this case was the My Composers view, like this, so yours in now a completely different topic

I’m sorry if I misunderstood.

Take a look at ‘Salve Regina’

By ‘composers’ I meant when you land on a composer’s page. (like the image I posted)

The album isn’t listed. Even though it comes up in search.

Ah OK, sorry, now I understand. I think the problem is that you are looking at the tab Overview which shows an overview of the albums where your composer is the composer, but based on popularity (red arrows). “Popularity” is not very well defined and probably includes some cloud data about how many times the album is played or something. It is not meant to include a complete overview of all albums that are “composed by”.

If you want to look at all the Compositions , click this tab (green arrow), which should show them all

However, there is something missing in your screenshot - I expect another tab there, Discography. I think this is what you are looking for, to see all the albums:

Not sure why it is not there, wait a minute …

@james_boyd … I am back. Am I correct in thinking that you don’t use a streaming service? In this case there is no Discography:

So in this case it seems that you have to use the Compositions tab and have no other option. Arguably, the Overview should at least show the album then, but alas it doesn’t probably because of the cloud data “popularity”.

I have never used Roon without a streaming service but I have the impression it works much better with more complete options if you use one.

Ah! thank you. I hadn’t seen the Overview / Compositions tab.
Although the overview says ‘Composed by (4)’ which does make it look like I only have 4 albums by him. hmmm.

You’re right, I don’t use any streaming. I have plenty of music on my disc to last the rest of my life (and besides - streaming services are evil, and have stolen classical musicians livelihoods. Bulk theft, pure and simple)

Yeah it’s not ideal

Actually the Compositions tab is next to useless. I need to know the album and the work at the same time - else it’s just a stab in the dark.
Hangon - does this software even work for anyone?

It works fabulously for me and many others, but your use case is completely different to mine. You’ll need input from someone who uses it for classical (which seems generally a challenge to get it perfect as far as I am reading on the forum) AND does not use streaming.

Meanwhile - foobar absolutely nails the search -

If ONLY we could search from foobar and play in Roon. Not always, but sometimes. I’d pay real money!!

Foobar has completely different goals and would be entirely useless for me, but what each of us requires is different and there is nothing that fits everyone.

It’s because you are not using a streaming service. In this case, the only compositions that will be listed will be those in your local library that Roon has successfully identified from your file metadata. If the file metadata fails to help Roon get a match, then they won’t be included in the list.

For example, looking at that screenshot of the listing for the French Chansons album by The Scholars of London, your file metadata is unique to you, and not the file metadata that looks as though it is what Roon would be expecting, so I suspect that’s why Roon hasn’t nailed the album, the composers and the compositions. I use a streaming service in addition to my local content, and Roon knows about the album, the artists, the composers and the compositions…

If you subscribed to a streaming service, you would also see the composer’s entire oeuvres in the Compositions tab for the composer, not just the compositions that happened to be in your local library.

Maybe I’ve not been clear. I do find it hard to explain.
Let me try again.

So. I have Josquin 5 albums on my disc. (look at the foobar search)
In Roon I search for Josqiun and click on the ‘composer’. Roon can only see 4 albums.
In search I can see the missing album in question (Ave Maris Stella - the one with the woman on the front) and I’ve checked the data - it does have a composer tag correctly done. BUT it doesn’t appear on the Composer/overview.
Maybe I’m missing something simple or have the wrong expectations.

Definitely something amiss with your metadata I suspect. Here’s the list of Josquin des Prez albums in my library as shown in the Overview tab on his Composer page:

Now I add the French Chansons album to my library, and it now appears in the list…

Can you post a screenshot of the Album page for the French Chansons album (i.e. a screenshot similar to my screenshot in my first post)?

The album in question is this one -

and I added a composer credit

By the way, not that it matters, but it already had the composer credit, see the list on the left

Why did you add an additional credit for des Prez? He’s already listed in the credits. Seems odd that the album is not appearing for you, because it has been identified by Roon. I’ve added it to my library, and it now shows up in the Composer’s overview page…

I took the extra credit off - still doesn’t appear

One other thing I notice is that there is a “Various Artists” credit assigned to the album. This is probably coming from Tivo/Rovi. If I look at the discography of A Sei Voci, I see another album from the Naïve Classique label with the same error, resulting in the albums being classified under the “Appearances” section.