Albums Missing from Composer Overview

This is getting stranger. I came back after a bit and now the album isn’t in roon anywhere! Thankfully I’ve got foobar to find it and play it.

Any idea how to get it back?

My bigger worry is that I’m just starting to import a large collection. I’m reasonable and am expecting some errors now and again. But, how do I know what I’m not seeing? Unknown Unknowns. Do I have to check every album from multiple directions? And how am I supposed to reference of my file system if there is no file browser integrated? I know people say ‘it works great for me’ but isn’t this a reasonable problem to solve??

OK, look, I’m going to move all the posts about your issue to a new thread, because we’ve drifted away from @Michael_Newman1’s original issue.

Can you say more about your particular setup, e.g. what build your Core is and what it is running on? Thanks.

Its a W11 PC.

roon core

I wonder what’s my next step. Geoff, are you like an official troubleshooter?

Nope - just a user who tries to help out where I can. And I’m drawing a blank on your situation, because what you are experiencing is not happening on my setup. The only difference is that you don’t use a streaming service and I do, but that shouldn’t be affecting functionality around your local library…

Ah I see - thanks very much for your help. Actually, as I explained before - I’m not too worried about the outlying cases - that’s going to happen from time to time. My big question is how to add my large library to Roon and check it as I go. I’m willing to spend a LOT of time doing this, but unless I can check and troubleshoot easily along the way it seems a hopeless task. I won’t accept a single unfindable album! At the moment I have no idea how to easily check what Roon is doing and why, and what I’m doing wrong. There isn’t even a file browser. (shhh - I know by now I’m not supposed to want one for some strange ideological reason) -
How would you go about it? I really love every other aspect of Roon.

I’ve been playing with ChatGPT3 a lot recently and have been mind blown. Surely, organising a complex music library should be sooo easy with even tiny bit of AI.

Have you any idea of what the carbon footprint of ChatGPT is? :slightly_smiling_face:

But back to the topic in hand, I would first have a read of this article, and check that your metadata is in line with what Roon expects. That will save a lot of heartache. And if you can import chunks at a time, rather than throw the whole library at Roon at once, it will probably make the process more manageable.

Oh, and this article is important for your box sets…

Thanks for your suggestions. I’m afraid I do have a problem though.

I added 4 albums by Juan del Enzina. Fair enough, there is another way of spelling his name so I added a Composer credit to Juan del Encina that Roon uses.
The set does not come up when clicking on the composer. However, I can search for the it and it has composer credit and is organised correctly as a box set.

Is it Roon that’s broken or me? Are there any solutions for either scenario?

Can you post a screenshot of the Album page of one of the albums in question? thanks.

Same problem for Dufay. But look who turns up - our missing album from Josquin!

Dufay is credited on that one:

yes, I know. But so is Josquin and it doesn’t come up under him.

How does it work here - is there an official bug report system?

Just saying that coming up for Dufay is the correct behavior. I still don’t know why it’s not for Josquin.

Post in the #support forum category and wait for official support to come around.
(If you see a pen icon next to the topic title, you can edit the title and change the category)

That Enzina album is showing as “Unidentified” - meaning that Roon has been unable to find a match for it in the master database (in the cloud). Can you post a screenshot of the Album page with the Tracks tab selected, so that we can see (some of) the track titles?

The Dufay album has been identified, but it’s curious that it says “all tracks performed by Guillaume Dufay” which is clearly wrong. Have you got Dufay as a performer (e.g. as Album Artist) in your metadata? My version is from Qobuz and is a re-release version (30 July 2021) whereas yours is presumably a rip of the original Erato release.

@Geoff_Coupe there is now this:

No advice from support.

So far I’ve added about 150 albums of which 9 have the composer tag and yet don’t appear under the Compose Overview. I think I’ve gone as far as I should without finding a solution to this. It surely must be a basic feature to override any existing metadata, add a credit, and reliably search by that credit.
Without a file browser / secondary search mechanism these albums are effectively lost forever. (9 volumes of Sweelink keyboard music disappeared - can you imagine the effort it took?!)

Give them more than 2 days over the weekend?