Albums moved from internal to external drive on Nucleus+ marked as "Recently Added"

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Roon 1.7.521 running on Nucleus+

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Not relevant.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Not relevant.

Description Of Issue
My primary drive is an internal SSD on the Nucleus+. I recently added an external USB drive to hold material I don’t care about very much in order to free up space on the internal SSD.

When I move albums that have been in my collection for some time from the internal drive to the external drive, they are marked “Recently Added” and show up at the top of the “Overview” and the “Albums” view “Sorted by Date Added”.

Yup, that’s true.

You might try a syncing program that preserves the file dates.

And change this -

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Thanks for the tip. I wasn’t aware of the “Track Import Dates” setting, but checking it, it’s already set to “Roon Import Timestamp” for my core. As far as the Album added date, it hadn’t occurred to me that Roon might be using filesystem timestamps as a basis for deciding when an album was added to the collection, but if so, that seems to me just wrong.


I think I’ll wait to hear from support on this. If moving a file from one Roon-owned drive to another is treated as an import, that’s still a problem.

Did you follow the steps as described in the FAQ: How do I move my collection to a new folder, hard drive or NAS, Will I lose my edits??

No, I’m not moving a collection.

Sure you do, just partly and not the whole library. So step 6 changes to add the new storage location and re-enable the old one.

I think I’ll wait to hear from support on that too.

The “trick” is not to let Roon see the same files twice otherwise it add them into the DB as new rather than just updating the location reference of where the file is stored.

I always recommend disabling the the Watch folder where the files are being moved to.
Once the files have been moved, force a rescan of the current folder to make sure Roon is way the file have been removed (note this does not remove the references in the DB).

Then if all is ok, enable the target watched folder; Roon with then scan it re-find the files, update the links, and all is well.

Hi @WillK,

BlackJack’s suggestion is correct — You’ll want to follow the instructions outlined here:

If you’re watching the same media in two locations it will be imported fresh the second time it’s added.

Hi @Dylan,

Thanks for get back to me on this. I may get back to you with more after I’ve had a chance to think about it a bit: right now it’s just not making any sense to me.


@xxx, @Carl, @BlackJack, Thanks for your efforts to clear me up on this. Sorry about the skepticism, I just wasn’t initially willing to believe the reality was so awkward.


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