Albums not accessible in ARC over Qobuz when NAS which also holds the local copies is offline.

Roon Core Machine

Intel Nuc10 I7 32GB Ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

KPN Fiber internet
Asus ax88u

Connected Audio Devices

iPhone 14 over Wifi or Cellular 5G

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I have some locally stored music on my Synology NAS and also imported in Roon.
I noticed this morning in ARC that when my NAS is offline, I can’t access this music at all in
ARC. Seems it just wants to access the local files and there’s no choice (version tab) to switch to Qobuz. So for example I have all the Rush albums stored on NAS. I can’t access those when the nas is offline. What I can do is play a Rush album via Roon Remote, and then access it in RoonARC via the last played list.

When the NAS is online I can access the music and then also the option to select the version appears.

In the Roon Remote I can access the music via Qobuz when the NAS is offline.

Have you added the Qobuz releases to your Roon library? It would be really helpful if you provided an example, and included a screenshot of the Versions tab for that release.

The Qobuz versions are not added to my library.

And some screenshots.

First, NAS offline.
Browsing to discografy.

Select Counterparts album, then no tracks are visible and no Versions tab.

Doing the same thing when the NAS is online, it works and it defaults to the NAS/library version.

This is the issue; add the Qobuz release to you library, and it will be available in ARC when the NAS is offline.

You’ll notice that ARC only has a “My Library” tab. However, to view releases not in your library you can either use search or visit the artist in your library, and view their discography.

That’s not the issue as I did use the search function to go to the artist page.

In that case, I don’t understand the issue. From the artists’ page I can play an album not in my library.

Hmm noticed something else.
Just now it was working after I shutdown my NAS. However, this morning the NAS was offline when I started my Rock. So rebooted Rock also and hey, issue is back again.

So if a album is in my Library because it’s imported from my Nas, and the Rock is booted when the nas is offline, then albums in the library (because of nas import) are not accessible via ARC using search artist also not via Qobuz.

Qobuz only albums, no issue at all.

I don’t always have my NAS online when I’m not at home for example.

Your screenshots show you’re on wifi. Arc works on 4/5G

Correct. Just now also tested on 5G, same issue.

So test case:
1 album in library via local storage
start Rock with local storage offline and remain offline
Then in ARC the album is not accessable, also not via Search and Qobuz

Roon doesn’t import the media files; if the NAS is offline, they are not available to either Roon or Roon ARC.

I know roon doesn’t import the files. But it should be accesible via Qobuz then and that’s also not the case.

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