Albums not all being identified

Vortexbox/Sonicorbiter i5LinuxRoon Core Machine Roon Version 2 Build 1133

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Dutch and Dutch 8C
NAD Ci580 mk1 wired ethernet
NAD C658 Wired ethernet
Bluesound Node 2 wired ethernet
Google chromecast wifi
Apple Homepod wifi
SKy boxes etc Airplay wifi

Number of Tracks in Library

90000 approx

Description of Issue

Albums sometimes not found. This seems to affect ‘special edition’ 2 disc etc type versions. Often the second disc is not found/displayed. Not to be found in Skipped files or under HOme - recent activity - added either as the actual album nor an unidentified album. On re ripping still does not appear. As it is we wait 2 weeks before adding new content to give the database a chance to get updated.
Is there some kind of workflow to resolve these issues?

How are your files organized? Did you follow:

But the first disc is? You know, if properly recognized, the other discs are displayed with the first one (this a [only one] album after all – even if it has more than one disc).

Use this method to search for them (if still needed):

If you need more help, please provide screenshots of what you see in Roon.

Thank you, i will give your suggestions a try. Given that we rip albums via the CD burner on the Vortexbox/Sonicorbiter it would appear this method cant be relied upon with multiple disc releases, unless one wants to edit in Roon (or the database) later on?

I just been trying to find the missing second disc (Jack Savoretti Europiana/Encore disc 2) but cant find it as yet. The advice regarding identifying discs properly only really helps on discs one has not yet added. The path search does not find the album either. The artist folder does not contain the second disc either. Presumably going forward i cant use the CD ripper on the core to add albums with more than 1 disc?
The image of "encore’ on the screenshot is the Qobuz version. Not sure why there are 2 though.

I’ll try again: If all works well, there is no “disc 2” to be found! This is a (multi-disc) album (1, one album only) named Europiana by Jack Savoretti! All the content (tracks) of the multiple discs are contained in that one single album.

Read above.

Thank you. I have checked again and the album only contains 11 tracks. The Qobuz version including the second disc (part of the same album) contains 17 tracks whcih is correct. If i try re-ripping the album it does not show up, presumably because Roon has already put it somewhere else and so ignores it as a duplicate?
I understand your instructions but this only really works if one is ripping for the first time, using the server built in ripper at least.

PS: Many more FAQs can be found in the knowledge base.

Likely because you are looking at/into the 11-track release group instead of the 17-track release group.
In your screenshot, both release groups are shown. Please use the versions tab of the 17-track release group to find your ripped version thereof instead of the Qobuz one.

So far you still failed to provide evidence that something is amiss with Roon and the example given.

Why re-ripping what is already ripped? On default settings, Roon hides all duplicates no matter the source – only one version marked as primary is shown.

Again: Why re-ripping what is already ripped? What instructions are you referring to? The one about searching tracks by path?

Note: Hidden duplicates are hidden. They don’t get displayed. You can’t search for them in any way. They only show-up in the versions tab of the release group (album in Roon).

On checking the 17 track release group versions only the Qobuz version is shown.

Re - ripping because i cant find in Roon, not found th eprimary version as yet.

The instructions i mentioned is the Roon faq regarding multiple disc sets which you linked.

So the next FAQ then:

Which ultimately leads to the “find tracks by path” FAQ I already linked (Hint: search for a track title from disc 2). As your example is about duplicates, you may have to change Roon’s default settings for it to work:

If you deleted content from your library and want to re-add, you may have to clear Roon’s database first [Settings|Library --> Library maintenance (Clean up library)].

I don’t know, this is the support forum for Roon and not the one for Vortexbox/Sonicorbiter. I don’t know anything about Vortexbox/Sonicorbiter, I’m just another Roon user.

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