Albums not consistent sorted

In settings-General i use the option “Artists Sort By:” with Last Name
Nevertheless albums are sorted sometimes with the Artists Last Name and sometimes with the Artists First Name???

Example :
Carol King resides under K (wanted)
Judas Priest resides under J (unwanted)

Both artists thus have the same sortorder e.g. Last Name.

I dubbelchecked also the metadata in the files itself with MP3TAG, used on both artists the same fields and wrote the first name first, space, and then the last name. (for these three fields : Albumartist, Artist and Band)

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The issue is Judas Priest is not a person. Judas Priest is a band and would not be considered as first and last name. The Rolling Stones will be under R not S or T.

Hi Stephen,

That sounds logical and make sense. Thnx for your answer.

Still it is a little bit confusing since :

  • Steve Miller Band (Album Fly like an Eagle) than probaly is a person. (resides under M)
  • Eelco Gelling and the blues connection (Album the Blues) is a band. (resides under E)

Further another “strange” issue with two Dutch artists :
Herman van Veen and Boudewijd de Groot are both 100% persons and no band.

  • Herman van Veen resides under V (“unwanted” because of van and not Veen)
  • Boudewij de Groot resides under D (unwanted because of de)

Is there a way in Roon to add (Dutch) “middle names” in Roon so Roon recognizes better the Lastname. Or is there a ID3v2 tag field to use?

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PS. Using the ID3v2 fields artistsort or albumartistsort i tried, with no results.
So for now i write Boudewijn de Groot as “Groot, Boudewijn de” in the artist field.

Moving this to the Feature Requests sub-forum.

Thnx, when i may choose, support the ID3v2 tags artistsort and albumartistsort will do :thumbsup:

Hugely complicated issue.
For Dutch names, your convention is clear.
In some other languages, including Americans of Dutch heritage, the “van” and “de” are considered part of the family name.
In South American Spanish and Portuguese, such as Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva, the family name is the second to last, Moura in this case (where “da Silva” is considered one name).
In Sweden, a mother’s name may be inserted but the last name is the family name, except I have some Swedish friends who use the combination of second and third name as the family name.
Chinese puts the family name first, but some Chinese people have internationalized their names by inverting the order.
In Japan I have observed both orders used apparently at random within one document for people I know, baffles me.
Etc. etc.

I think this requires explicit tagging.
Or at least deep expertise.

Simple issues are not my thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good point.

Btw, I shouldn’t just talk about the problem without discussing a solution.
I have given up on “last name” (family name), the world is too international. I sort everybody by first name, by the whole text string as presented. Even composers, so Beethoven is under L – because the last name convention works for classical composers, but Bob Dylan and Thelonius Monk are composers too, Bob Dylan even got a Nobel prize which Mahler never did.

Sort order doesn’t matter too much, because the funnel icon does an intelligent search, to find Beethoven I just have to type “bee”. And Boudewijn de Groot would show up if you type “bou” or “groo” or “de groo”.

Thnx for your reply, would it not be great when Roon just took the content of the “artistsort” en “albumartistsort” fields 1:1 ?
So everybody can decide themselves how to sort his albums.

For now i write “Herman van Veen” as “Veen, Herman van” in the artist field as a workaround