Albums not identified -- consequences?

I have a medium-sized library (~2900 releases) of local flac files. All are well tagged and identified, with reasonable metadata for artist, title, track title, label, etc. This was well underway, and mostly done, before Roon even existed. I strive for perfection, but of course there may be errors here and there.

Of these, 331 releases are “not identified” by Roon. (They mostly are classical music.) What are the consequences of this when I’m using Roon?

Some albums I wouldn’t expect to be identified, as they are oddball downloads and test tones. Others are commercial recordings and Roon’s not finding them is surprising. But I wonder if it’s worth the time and trouble for me to match them up using Edit > Identify. I’ve done half a dozen, and it was tedious.

The main consequence that I’ve noticed is that Roon will not be able to provide album reviews and genres. For genres, I have adjusted the import settings to use the genre from the file tags so that an album will always have a genre, identified or not.

Having been through trying to identify the unidentified, if Roon doesn’t find a match on the first ‘unidentified screen’ then I won’t go any further. The ‘None of these look right’ step doesn’t usually help.