Albums not showing even after forced scan

This is killing me - after a round of rips in which i added more content to my library, I have albums that are not showing and others that literally disappeared. Tried to force a scan but nothing helps. The strange thing is that when I start a scan it quickly shows 1324 tracks, but then scans and gets to 1186.

I tried removing the share and re-inserting it. No good.

Any advice?

I had this with albums that had illegal path names. For instance, one of my Metallica albums starts with three dots. I could copy the folder, but Roon did not see it. I had to remove the three dots in the folder’s name to make it visible for Roon.

Found it! in my case it’s a bit different. Using my Mac I could not see anything in the album file names, but when browsing them directly on the Synology using the file station app, I saw a strange character at the end of the folder name. Deleted it and issue solved!

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