Albums not showing up in roon?


I just installed noon last night. It reminds of the days, when I sat for hours looking in the booklet of my cd’s. Those were good times :slight_smile:

Anyway. Today i searched for an artist, and i noticed that at least one album was not showing in roon.

Artist name is Mansun, and the album is called “Kleptomania 2”. Kleptomania 1 and 3 is on roon, but not 2. In the Qobuz app i have access to all three albums. Also in the Streammagic app on my Cambridge EVO 150. Shouldn’t roon find all albums? In the Qobuz app i have 9 different albums in total, but in roon only 5. Is that normal?


I can confirm, nr 2 doesn’t show up here either. You could “like” it in Qobuz to try if it appears in Roon, but I don’t think its normal behavior. Roon should just show everything from Qobuz.

Thank you for taking your time to respond Niels. Are you from DK?

I liked it in Qobuz, and it did indeed show up in Roon - on the expense on Kleptomania 3, which does no longer show in the list on albums! Jesus :frowning:


Its because Roon is equivalencing Kleptomania 3 and Kleptomania 2. If you go into the album screen of Kleptomania 2 which you added to your library, go the Versions tab and you will see Kleptomania 3 listed. Add it to your library. At that point both albums will be in your library which you will see on the Artist Overview Tab, or under the main menu Albums tab.

I did it…

Thanks! Still very strange, that roon does this. It’s only my second day with roon, so I’ve got a lot to learn.

Yes, that is a bug in Roon’s backend process. It is showing those albums as being the same, but, they are not. It should be reported in the Support/Metadata Issues section for them to correct it.

I was just showing you how to work around bad data in the system. :smiley:

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Can you move the thread to correct section?


Glad you got it working.

Are you from DK?

No, NL. But I am aware my last name is a common first name in Denmark :slight_smile: