Albums not sorted by release date in library (part 2 comes before part 1)

All of them were released in 2002, so they should be lined up with “A Moment In Time (Part 1)” → “A Moment In Time (Part 2)” → “Better Days / Lovely Ones”, but why isn’t that the case?

Roon Core and Roon Remote version 1.8 build 795

Hello @currycooqoo,

Thanks for getting in touch about this and sorry about the trouble :sweat:

Could you please let us know if these albums are sourced from a streaming service or your local library? If it’s your local library, could you share what your Import Settings are (Settings → General) when it comes to release date? Is it your files, or do you prefer Roon’s data?


Thanks for the reply. See screenshot. Release date used files.


Hi, I have the same problem since the introduction of Roon 1.8 :

I make use of release date tags to differentiate versions of a same album, and customise sorting

So in import setting I check “prefer file” for release date tag (and leave original release date to Roon),
And in browser sort preferences I select “sort by release date”.

It worked well before 1.8

Hello @beka,

Seems this issue is still pending ?

Best regards

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Hi, @beka : it’s fixed in the last build, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Updated default sort order for Album date
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