Albums on Qobuz not showing in Roon/Qobuz [Solved; local files]

Hi, I am trying to understand why when I am in Roon and I search for say Don Henley under Qobuz it shows Main Albums 5. But if I use the Qobuz App it shows those 5 plus the “missing” ones, End of the Innocence and Building the Perfect Beast.

I presume if Roon/Qobuz is doing this for Don Henley then the missing albums from with the Qobuz catalogue will happen to many other artist searches.

Is there something I am not doing here to show the complete Qobuz collection within Roon?


When I search Don Henley and click through to the artist page in Roon, I get eight albums, including the ones you report missing:

What do you see – and what is your Qobuz locale?

I get 7 in the UK.

Hi, I am in the UK, I have Qobuz Hi Res access and I still get 5 within Roon.

. I tried restarting Roon, seems odd if someone else in the UK can see 7 vs my 5.

Just a guess: do you have any albums as local files? They would be showing as library albums above the Qobuz ones.

Ahh yes, I do. I see now. My newbie misunderstanding. When I click on my albums then I can see the versions that I have and the Qobuz Hi-Res versions. I think this has solved it. I appreciate the help.

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No problem. Enjoy your high-res (you may want to make them primary).

Sorry how do I do that?

In ‘Versions’, one the albums is marked as primary – it is used for playback by default.

After adding the Qobuz HR versions to your library, click on ‘Make Primary Version’:

Got it. Many thanks for all the hope with this.

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