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Dear Team,

I have a lot of spoken words albums all tagged by number. E.g. 001…, 002… etc. Or N01…, N02 etc. Or S01…, S02 and so on. All having the same artist. Can Roon somehow put them in order? Now they are all mixed. Many thanks. Great Forum by the way.

Hi @Sebastian_Stoss,

Can you share some screenshots of example albums showing out of order?

Many thanks for your reaction. Sorry all German Spoken Words albums in artist album view.

Hi @Sebastian_Stoss,

How is the album browser sorted? If you sort by Album Title do things work correctly?

By album title it‘s correct but then I see also other albums in between with numbers in their title. Can Roon sort by Artist and then in the right numerical order? Thanks again.

Hi @Sebastian_Stoss,

You can’t sort by artist and then albums, but you can use the filter option to only show certain artists. So you can sort by Album Title and then click the filter button enter the artist name (see example below) to show albums for a certain artist in alphabetical order:


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Thanks Dylan

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