Albums removed from library

Is it possible that I had removed albums from my nas album library in Roon by mistake ??

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I can’t tell if your question is rhetorical. Assuming it’s not, the answer is yes.

Shit, could it be in this screen, now all tree are empty, before i started this screen and activate something there were numbers

Library Maintenance is about removing lines in the Roon database for which there are no more corresponding physical files; for the reasons as given, deleted, not associated with a storage location, or associated with a disabled location. Library clean up does not delete physical files.

You can delete files in Roon, for example, go to an album, click edit, select Delete Album. A pop up like below will appear, informing you that you are about to really delete data and then forces you to click 2 check boxes to make sure you really want to delete that data.

Okay, thx for the information