Albums sorted by most played are wrong

The most played statistics are completely wrong.
Well, not completely wrong, but occasionally ludicrous.

How so? Seems correct to me.

No 18 is a Tidal album I have played (partially) once.
No 16 is an album I ripped in February, probably played three times.
No 19 is an album I maybe tried twice, never listened through.
(Btw, does this ranking depend on finishing the complete album, or just playing it partially?)

Lots of these cases. Superficially reasonable, but the exceptions are glaring.

it includes partially played tracks and NOT complete album playback and it’s related to how many songs have been played…for example if you play an album once which has 40 tracks and played an album 9 times which only has four songs the one you played once would be No 1… it’s more a song play count than complete album popularity.

BTW the album / most played screen is the view I use most often (as a way to see my listening habits)

Aha, by that track counting algorithm, I have to re-evaluate it. Still think it is wrong, but I’ll look carefully.

The problem is, the algorithm being used bears no relation to my perception of what I have played most. In that respect the algorithm may be working as designed, but it appears to me to be the wrong algorithm.

I’d be curious how the algorithm differs from the Sooloos 2 one. That tallied with my general perception of what I played most.

I agree. For the Rite of Spring, I have performances by Paavo Jarvi and Esa-Pekka Salonen with 14 tracks, and one by Eiji Oue with only one track. With this algorithm, poor Eiji would never rate.

Tracks are irrelevant. Says so right in the Sooloos marketing material.

Works matter more, but “works” don’t work in Roon.

If we have to weight the amount of playing of an album, maybe percentage of an album by track count? But even that is wrong: Keith Jarrett’s La Scala has the main performance, in two parts, totaling 72 minutes, plus an extra of 6 minutes (riffing on “Over the Rainbow”). If I listen to the main performance, how well have I covered the album? 2/3? 72/78? Or completely, since that’s what it was all about, some people may even leave the live performance before the extra?

Another problem with “counting an album as played” are the whole bunch of remastered and extended versions.
After the “normal” album you often have now a lot of demo, alternative, or live tracks. On must of this releases I hear that stuff one time and find nothing useful for me and reduce the next sessions to the original album tracks.
So, I only hear half of the tracks or playlength of this release, but in my sense I heard the whole album.

How to count that?
So you see, it’s no easy task.