Albums sorted by recording date?

I see that albums in both the album browser and the album list for an artist are ordered by earliest recording date. Can this be changed to release date? Earliest recording date tends to cause problems. For example, Led Zeppelin’s albums are listed in the order II, I, Physical Graffiti, Coda, III, IV, Houses of the Holy. That is very counter-intuitive.

Just out of interest, where would you list the recent 2014/5 hi-res remasters for Led Zep?
1972 or 2014?

It is an interesting question. Probably 1972. Given the nature of the Rovi data set, that should be possible to do. Though at the end of the day, that one doesn’t bother me as much. The II before I thing I find odd, as well as the fact that a “Greatest Hits” album by a band shows up based on the earliest song that appears on the album. For example, Foo Fighters Greatest Hits album shows up between their debut and second album because it contains a song recorded in 1994 though the album was released in 2009.

Brings up the “Kind of Blue” question yet again: whether or not there should be a single “gold” album/metadata for any release, re-release, butchering, or loving re-master of “Kind of Blue”.

I’m with you on preferring the original release date.

Edit: Actually, what we need is an original release date and a release date as separate metadata fields.

We use recording dates because release dates mean almost nothing for anything released pre-CD. Very often, we end up with the release date of the first CD, and at worst, you could end up with some foreign re-issue some number of years later.

The idea is that the recording date has something to do with when the art was made, and that’s more valuable than the date that something was first released on CD.

The release dates as currently displayed in the app would be a step backwards as a sort key–they turn the 1980s and 1990s into a shotgun blast of CD reissues.

I like the idea of using the earliest release date for sorting, assuming the data is available and good. We are looking into it.


agree with brian on recording dates!

We’ve made some progress since this thread was originally posted. We’ve split “release date” into two separate fields. One reflects the original release date, and one reflects the release date of your edition.

For example, my “Kind of Blue” recording has the following:

  • Released 25 Oct 1990
  • Originally Released 17 Aug 1959
  • Recorded 2 Mar 1959 - 22 Apr 1959

Original release date is the date that we prefer for sorting. If we don’t have that information for an album, it starts falling back through the other dates.

The order my albums are coming up in now is 100% exactly what I’d want. It is working perfectly across my collection!

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Yup, mine too!