Albums that are in Tidal don't appear in Roon

Not sure why this is happening, but there seem to be some albums that Tidal has available when you use the Tidal app, but which don’t appear in Roon.

Frustrating because I know the album is there but for some reason I can’t play it via Roon

For example: Dires Straits, Brothers in Arms is on on Tidal but not there in Roon

Hi Trevor,

Work is proceeding to fix these gaps. Let’s leave a notification for @jeremiah so he can add this to the list and let us know if there is any news about them.

This issue was identified and fixed last week. The results need to be tested and then will roll out by the end of this week. Thanks for the report!

This is still shaky for me. Today, while browsing through my piano trio playlist, I noticed that the Tidal version of “You must believe in spring” (Bill Evans) suddenly showed up as “unavailable”. I double checked, it’s available in Tidal.

There still appears to be gaps here.
Nina Simone - Gold double album is not available in Roon.
When I went to TIDAL and added the US version which I can play no problem in TIDAL and then manually sync the album then shows up in my albums in Roon (but strangely the Canada version).

Looking into this some more - its quite strange because the Canadian version has different songs and that is the list I get in Roon, but it does actually play the songs friom the US version , just the metadata is wrong. Stranger still, the Canadian version is not even in TIDAL.

Kanye West’s new album is not appearing in Roon, even though it’s on TIDAL.