Albums that users switch Phase

This thread is intended as a list of Albums that users find benefit from switching absolute phase. You can discuss phase and Roon in this thread so try not to clog this one up with discussion. Keep it as a handy reference for albums that Roon users switch.

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I’ve got a list of a couple of hundred by way of tags that I’ve added to some albums. Now if someone can advise a way of getting that list out of Roon…

Hi Geoffrey,

In Album view filter by your phase Tag, select all (right click, top left menu), Selection menu Export, choose text or spreadsheet.

Awesome @andybob! See attached! Well, no… I can export the files to a folder or to an excel spreadsheet (no plain text option), which I did. But the Roon Police wont let me upload anything other than an image file. I tried changing the extension from xls to jpg or gif, but no go (“your image seems to be corrupted”) Further ideas?

Ok @andybob I sorted a work around - screen grabs of the spreadsheets, attached.

Thanks Geoffrey, that’s a great start for people to try out different phase settings and see if they hear a difference.

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Ok folks, to make things a little easier (thanks for the suggestion @andybob) I’ve created a Google Sheets version of the excel files that can be seen here:

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