Albums totally lost

Core Machine


Network Details

Fritz!Box 7490, Ethernet

Audio Devices

Library Size

1200 Albums

Description of Issue

All Albums except the ones loaded today are lost. Qobuz +TIDAL. Synchro doesn’t help.
They exist in Qobuz + TIDAL. How to get them back into Roon?

Sorry for Bad Englisch, I’m German.

There is currently an issue with Qobuz albums not showing in Roon, (there are a few threads about this in the Forum). I have not heard of this happening with Tidal though, so your issue may be a different cause.

Sorry I can’t be of more help. Are you sure it has affected your Tidal content too?

Hello @Adelbert_Grossmann

As @MortalWombatUK mentioned, it’s possible that you may have been among the small number of our members who were affected by a sync issue that Qobuz were having on their their in end with Roon.

Dylan has posted an update, please see below. We’re happy to report that Qobuz has determined the origin of the issue and a fix has been implemented. Please bear with us, your Qobuz library should be restored soon.

If your issue is not remedied by this fix please let us know right away and we’ll continue to work with you toward a solution.

German translation from Google Translate:

Hallo @Adelbert_Grossmann

Wie @MortalWombatUK erwähnte, ist es möglich, dass Sie zu der kleinen Anzahl unserer Mitglieder gehörten, die von einem Synchronisierungsproblem betroffen waren, das Qobuz mit Roon am Ende hatte.

Dylan hat ein Update veröffentlicht, siehe unten. Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass Qobuz die Ursache des Problems ermittelt und eine Lösung implementiert hat. Bitte haben Sie Geduld, Ihre Qobuz-Bibliothek sollte bald wiederhergestellt werden.

Wenn Ihr Problem durch diese Fehlerbehebung nicht behoben wird, teilen Sie uns dies bitte sofort mit und wir werden weiterhin mit Ihnen an einer Lösung arbeiten.

Hello Jamie,
Thank you for your Info. But I can‘t find the Info from Dylan regarding the Fix for Qobuz. How can I get it and How to use?
I have also asked Qobuz directly, but they don‘t answer.
Best regards

Hello Mark,
TIDAL was an error from me,it works.Sorry!
Best regards

The fix is for Qobuz’s own servers (in the cloud) - it’s not a fix that is intended to be downloaded by Roon users and applied to Roon running on our own systems.

Hello @Adelbert_Grossmann,

As @Geoff_Coupe stated, you won’t have to do anything except for wait for the fix to take effect on your account. Qobuz hopes to have this work completed today. We really appreciate your patience. We don’t want any of our customers to be without access to their full Roon library for any amount of time. We hope that your Qobuz favorites are restored soon.

Here’s Dylan’s latest update on the fix timeline: