Albums 'unavailable' in roon, but they are available directly from TIDAL

One for me too. USA Account. Works fine in web browser, but not in Roon.

I have added an album to my library from tidal and the tracks are shown as unavailable in Roon but I can play them in tidal’s web browser. Why is this?

Hi I’ve got quite a few albums in my Roon library that have been imported from tidal but when I come to play them Roon says not available from tidal, Also if I search for the album in tidal via Roon the album is not there , but if I search tidal non Roon search I find the album , Also a few albums haven’t been transferred to Roon from tidal

Jack savoretti written in scars is in Roon and won’t play. And album vanished in tidal via Roon
Thirty seconds to Mars have vanished and if I search tidal via Roon there’s no albums
Ben Howard is in Roon and won’t play and album vanished in search via Roon in tidal

I could go on and on. I’ve deleted my Roon on the pc and re downloaded it to no avail

Please sort this

Also I’ve tried deleting the albums but Roon says there’s no file to delete

Feeling frustrated now

I have the same problem, I can play the album in Tidal’s web browser but in roon the tracks are classified as unavailable, does anyone know why?

Hi Guys,

I’ve merged these threads because it seems like the same issue and it’s easier to respond in one place.

Discrepancies between TIDAL and Roon/TIDAL can arise from the way the databases are updated (periodically rather than real time):

  • a rescan of the album may pull in fresh data as per this post:

  • clearing the Tidal cache may replace stale data:

  • the Roon database may not have been updated properly. There are known issues here which are being worked on. Mike posted most recently about it here and there are some earlier posts in the thread below explaining the issue:

I’ll mark this thread for @jeremiah so he can let us know of any news or any other suggested workaround.

Thankyou all.

Thanks @andybob. Getting the copyright situation 100% synced up between Roon and TIDAL is an on-going work in progress. Minimizing the lag between Roon’s picture of the world and TIDAL’s is also in progress and should be improving in the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience!

Hello, I am currently having some troubles with the Tidal integration. I am running Room on OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 (14F27). It is happening very frequently that the Roon software cannot play some albums within TIDAL catalogue showing the error message: “TIDAL: This track is not currently available from TIDAL”. When this happens on albums that are in the library, the software shows also the message “This album has been deleted”. It is happening for example with the album: “The New Pornographers/Twin Cinema”. The same album plays smoothly through the TIDAL web app. Anyone knows how to solve it?

Thanks for the report @simoneratti – I can reproduce this issue using The New Pornographers’ album.

Will look into this and get back to you. Sorry for the trouble!

Same here.

I find albums regularly that show up under “Main Albums” in Roon and either:

  • Show Unavailable in Roon, but play fine in Tidal (e.g. Neil Young - On the Beach)
  • Show Unavailable in Roon as well as in Tidal (e.g. Manu Katche - Playground)


Merged some further posts on the same issue

George Harrison Somewhere in England
Prince The Hits/ The B sides


I am unclear if this is a bug or something else going on, but some artists/tracks on Tidal are found via search and then show ‘unavailable’ above them even though they play via - eg. almost all Neil Young, Carole King Tapestry.

Is this a licensing issue between Roon/Tidal or a bug or something specific to my library/config?

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Thanks @nquery,

I’ll set a notification for @jeremiah. There are some fixes for Tidal coming through, but not sure if Neil Young and Tapestry are among them.

I’ve noticed this too with Neil Young. A while back I added some of his Tidal albums, but now they show as unavailable.

If I go to Tidal, I can find these albums (and others) and they play fine. If I compare Tidal albums that I previously added to Roon, I find that they seem to not match exactly with what shows in Tidal.

In other words, I have one album that now shows unavailable in Roon and, if you compare with Tidal, the Tidal shows different times for the songs. One other album now shows each song as remastered.

It’s almost as though Tidal removed most of his albums and replaced them with new (different) versions, that aren’t matching up with Roon metadata. Also, his albums that I have in Roon are no longer marked as favourites in Tidal.

Does this make sense?

Cheers, Greg

That’s very interesting Greg, does it continue after clearing the Tidal cache (see above) ?

I just cleared the Tidal ( Cache and Neil Young’s “On the Beach” is still showing as “Unavailable” in Roon (1.1 Build 65), but it is playing fine through the Tidal UI. This is the same behavior I was seeing with this same album in my post above (23d ago).

We’re looking into this. A lot of effort over the last few weeks has gone toward minimizing the lag for how quickly new Tidal releases show up in Roon.

The “unavailable” issue is related, but we still have a little more work to do here, and @jeremiah is going to look into the Neil Young thing specifically real soon. We know it’s very frustrating, and we’re working on it guys.

How come the tracks from Jack & Eliza’s album “Gentle Warnings” are marked as “Unavailable” when accessed through Roon but play via Tidal directly?

Thanks for the report here @dbtom2 – we’ve confirmed with Tidal that this is a bug, and they’re looking into it.