Albums 'unavailable' in roon, but they are available directly from TIDAL

George Harrison Somewhere in England
Prince The Hits/ The B sides


I am unclear if this is a bug or something else going on, but some artists/tracks on Tidal are found via search and then show ‘unavailable’ above them even though they play via - eg. almost all Neil Young, Carole King Tapestry.

Is this a licensing issue between Roon/Tidal or a bug or something specific to my library/config?

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Thanks @nquery,

I’ll set a notification for @jeremiah. There are some fixes for Tidal coming through, but not sure if Neil Young and Tapestry are among them.

I’ve noticed this too with Neil Young. A while back I added some of his Tidal albums, but now they show as unavailable.

If I go to Tidal, I can find these albums (and others) and they play fine. If I compare Tidal albums that I previously added to Roon, I find that they seem to not match exactly with what shows in Tidal.

In other words, I have one album that now shows unavailable in Roon and, if you compare with Tidal, the Tidal shows different times for the songs. One other album now shows each song as remastered.

It’s almost as though Tidal removed most of his albums and replaced them with new (different) versions, that aren’t matching up with Roon metadata. Also, his albums that I have in Roon are no longer marked as favourites in Tidal.

Does this make sense?

Cheers, Greg

That’s very interesting Greg, does it continue after clearing the Tidal cache (see above) ?

I just cleared the Tidal ( Cache and Neil Young’s “On the Beach” is still showing as “Unavailable” in Roon (1.1 Build 65), but it is playing fine through the Tidal UI. This is the same behavior I was seeing with this same album in my post above (23d ago).

We’re looking into this. A lot of effort over the last few weeks has gone toward minimizing the lag for how quickly new Tidal releases show up in Roon.

The “unavailable” issue is related, but we still have a little more work to do here, and @jeremiah is going to look into the Neil Young thing specifically real soon. We know it’s very frustrating, and we’re working on it guys.

How come the tracks from Jack & Eliza’s album “Gentle Warnings” are marked as “Unavailable” when accessed through Roon but play via Tidal directly?

Thanks for the report here @dbtom2 – we’ve confirmed with Tidal that this is a bug, and they’re looking into it.


Ed Sheehan X is also having the same issue. Plays directly with Tidal but not in Roon. US account.


This still appears to be a big problem…Any news…



Hi @mike_Broadhead – I just merged this topic here. See my brief post above, but know that we’re aware of this issue, and working on it.

Just wanted to join the choir about the discrepancy between albums/tracks unavailable on Tidal via Roon, but accessible via Web player. Reboot doesn’t make a difference. Latest example is Neil Young’s BlueNote Cafe. On Roon it’s marked unavailable and won’t play, but it’s there on the Tidal web player.

Hey @soyka0120 – thanks for the report – we’ve made some progress on this issue and expect to roll out a fix soon. Can you give a little more info about your Tidal configuration, as described here?


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Thanks for the quick response. Here’s my configuration

Roon 1.1 v 70
El Capitan 10.10.1
MAcBook Pro Retina 2.5 ghz i7
Music stored on Mercury OWC hard drive
SonicOrbiter streamer connected via USB to PSB Directstream DAC
Tidal is U.S, Premium (HiFi), Library Synch Time is on the Services tab
Albums/tracks that are marked unavailable on the Roon interface, yet are playable through the Web Browser

Hey @soyka0120 – has this album been added to your library already? If so, could you try this:

  • On the Tidal website, “un-star” the album
  • Sync Tidal in Roon – album should be removed
  • Find the album again, and re-add it to your library

I am confirming with the team, but I believe a related issue was resolved last week, and may just be lingering in your library.

Let me know how it goes, and I’ll be back with something more definitive soon! Sorry for the trouble!

That worked. Thanks

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Noticed yesterday that the Album “Bluenote Café” from Niel Young is available in Tidal (and plays just fine in the Tidal APP) but is listed as “unsupported” in Roon.
Well,…how come?


Hi @pumpe19 – thanks for the question, I had been planning to make a post about this today.

We recently fixed a bug that was causing our library of Tidal content to sometimes pick the wrong version during the process by which Tidal’s library is added to Roon’s database, matched to Roon’s metadata, and made available to appropriate regions. Because the wrong version was being selected, these albums were showing up as unavailable, but we’ve now corrected this issue.

Going forward, you generally shouldn’t see albums in Roon that are unavailable. The only way this should happen is if they were available in the very recent past, but have just recently been removed by Tidal. In that case, the album may temporarily show up as unavailable in Roon, and should also be unavailable Tidal’s website – if you’re seeing otherwise, we’d like to hear about it, except for one case…

If you’ve already added an album to your Roon library, the album may unfortunately be the wrong version, and will continue to show up in your library as unavailable. In that case, you’ll need to select the album (or all the tracks), delete the Tidal songs from your library, and re-add the correct version via Roon or the Tidal website.

Sorry for the trouble here folks!

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@mike I thought this was great, I’ve had a lot of this. Started investigating, had to remember which albums had problems. But I found a few Tidal albums that show up in Roon (look under Eleni Karaindrou) and are marked as unavailable, but in Tidal (the browser, haven’t checked the app) they don’t appear at all when I search for the artist name. So something is still screwy.

Will continue investigating.