Albums you're supposed to like...But just don't!

Eggplant. Yuck.

I remember an interviewer tactlessly pointing out to Neil Young that he couldn’t really sing. He responded, “that’s just my style man!..”

Good answer, but I have to agree with you.


Does that include “Live in Gdansk”?

Fortunately I don’t have that lot! But the very fact it is DG live is probably a good indication that I wont like it. Except maybe the Pink Floyd bits…

I hate everything from The Beatles, I never understood why they were so popular it’s just a boys band. Maybe the reason was because there were no other bands at that time.

Also jazz because “jazz is just an excuse to play wrong notes”, I think that’s an accurate statement.

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I used to think this too. I came around.

:slight_smile: Live in Gdansk is just Pink Floyd songs. It’s a great album. Shine on you crazy diamond is gorgeous. The only drawback is where he lets a local singer do Comfortably Numb. The local singer can’t pull it off.

Have a listen to the album and let me know what you think.

Of course, you may still hate it…but give it a go. :slight_smile:

It’s interesting. You’re certainly not the first to feel this way. For my own part, I’ve always been impressed at their musical motifs, themes, and the boundaries they pushed or created.

And keep in mind, they created them. Not at all like the boy bands that are the performing front for a bigger music machine.

…and, the production is usually good (at least on later records). I agree that some of their work seems facile. But tempo changes matching thematic moods on “A Day in the Life” for example are extremely creative and musically deep (IMO).


Agree re Beatles, but there’s some great Jazz music about.

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Going to push back here too. Just for fun. There are many kinds of jazz - they are not all the wrong note type. Try this:

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It’s a generation thing also to be honest. I’m from 85. Although I love listening to Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Rolling Stones & a little bit of Pink Floyd. I believe these bands coexisted around the same decade, right?

For jazz, it is the only style I can’t listen, I really can’t! It is just too high pitch for me. I do listen every kind of music (classical, rock, soundtracks, Trance, PsyBient, Dub, Hardstyle, hard rock, flamenco, metal)…except jazz. As someone said once “all tastes are in nature”.

Something I don’t like also is the necessity to put labels, at genre and sub sub genre like death metal progressive rock, nu-metal, porno-grind, thrash metal or same in EDM: house, techno, hardcore, Hardstyle, RAW, frenchcore, minimal…

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Most anything by The Beatles. Cannot believe how trite some of their works are.

Kind of Blue is boring .

Anything that Neil Young sings. He writes some great tracks but they sound better when covered by others.


Good one. I have this album. Want to love it. But feel like it is indeed a bit…boring

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:joy::joy::joy: nice.

OK that’s interesting I thought it was mix of his solo stuff as well. If that isn’t the case then there is a decent chance I’ll like it!

Let me know what you think…

Another Ouch!

The bruises are starting to show. Hope no one adds Miles Davis to the list.

Okay that’s a really big OUCH! Now I can barely walk. :upside_down_face:

So there it is - Miles Davis is now on the list. While KOB is not boring it is most certainly over played, way over played, so I do see your point.

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:joy::joy::joy: it shows how personal music is for all of us.

One of the albums I love from a composition perspective is Meatloaf BOH. But the better the sound system, the harder it is to play. The production just grates on my ears.

I’ve deliberately not responded when an artist I enjoy has been named. Our personal musical preferences are inviolate, no matter how they may irk others.

I have chosen to respond but in a way that hopefully doesn’t invoke a flame war. Yes our own musical preferences are inviolate, as are those of others. No reason to fight over these preferences but a little very gentle nudging doesn’t hurt :grin: … as in … The Beatles, come on history has spoken. And the same can be said for jazz…(looking for the “taking cover” emoji)

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