Alert on mouting CIFS share

Roon Core - Debian 10 on ESXi 6.7.0 U3
Music folder - NAS server (Openmediavault) on ESXi
Multiple Roon endpoints

Mounting CIFS music folder from NAS, gave this alert:

CIFS VFS: Autodisabling the use of server inode numbers on \Server_IP\music_folder. This server doesn’t seem to support them properly. Hardlinks will not be recognized on this mount. Consider mounting with the “noserverino” option to silence this message.

That’s a Linux generated warning. It means you cannot use hard links on the mount. You can safely ignore this message.

Hi @Aldos_Zxz,

Does the share work as expected except for that message?

Yes, it does.
I cannot say it is a problem, it is just annoying to see it on logs anytime.

The remedy is in the message:

Consider mounting with the "noserverino" option to silence this message.

Unfortunately, I can not do that.
Roon mounts network folders by it’s own.
That’s why I have asked, maybe it could be implemented a new field under storage settings to allow specific parameters to be added.
Otherwise, the solution could be to mount network share via fstab, where i can add the “noserverino” parameter, and access it as local folder.
That means I have to reset the database and to rescan whole music folder.

Mount the share in Debian and the use Roon to navigate to the local mount point, i.e. local folder. You could use NFS instead of Samba.

Mda, that’s the last think I want to do.
My database is large enough to be a fast process.

It’s got nothing to do with the database! If your media files are on a NAS, mount the NAS on your Core machine (Debian) directly and then Roon will see this as part of the local filesystem, so just browse to the folder. Thus, no need to use Samba in Roon.

I am pretty sure if I change the music folder, the whole process of music discovery will start from the beginning. And it will take some time to be finished. So, that’s I’ve meant when I was referring to the database.

It won’t affect your library since the albums were already added and the files haven’t changed. As ever, always run a backup before making significant changes to your Roon setup.

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Thanks ! I will try.

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